Silver Snake Skin…

So I’ve done a few diamond glitter placements but not with these particular colours, the combination of which kind of reminded me of a snake? My previous designs used glitter from a mixed tub of colours sent to me to review but for this design I used glitter I had bought myself. The colours come in individual pots as part of a set which saves heaps of time trying to sift through for the colour you want. (I only bought these in October, so compared to the other supplies I have been using up they’re actually not that old. But still – use the unused!)

They were an absolute nightmare to photograph, but also beautiful. The black glitter have an iridescence to them showing blues, greens, reds and so on under certain light. At times the silver/black divide is actually lost and everything just looks shiny! (Almost blinding, genuinely…)

Pokemon Theme: Porygon

So I think porygon is pretty darn cute! Anyone else with me on this?

However, poor little Porygon has only ever featured in one episode of the Anime. Outrageous right, but why? Because he was the featured pokemon in an episode that cause lots of kids in Japan to have seizures, oh…

But! What’s super unfair is that it was actually Pikachu using Thunderbolt to blow something up that triggered them, nothing to do with poor little porygon.

I tried to give him a sort of matrix/cyberspace background seeing as he isn’t ‘real’, he is in fact a man-made pokemon consisting of computer code, but unfortunately it was sort of lost in the photograph.

137 Porygon.JPG

Dancing in the Rain…

So these Hello Kitty stickers arrived in a ‘lucky bag‘ way back in May…  2015! *shocked face* I’m surprised they haven’t turned in to dust or something by now, and more surprisingly is the fact they are still sticky!

I’m doing really well with my ‘use the unused’ resolution, and I’m pretty confident that I’m going to make it through February without buying anything too. I do however desperately need some new false nails and nail paint to continue on with my Essential Nails Nail Art Course. With them being properly ‘needed’ compared to my usual impulse nail related purchases, does this mean I could still buy them without failing my resolution or should I just wait another 13 days? HELP!


BornPrettyStore: Panda Plate…

So I’m starting off this week with a review about this Panda Stamping Plate from BornPrettyStore. It’s a large rectangle one, covered in cute panda images – 23 to be exact! (That works out to be 13p an image at it’s current sale price, pretty good value no?) It arrives in a cardboard pocket, and is of course covered with the blue protective film that must be removed before using.


The images lend themselves perfectly to ‘reverse stamping’ or creating ‘stamping decals’ and that’s the technique I decided to go with. I started out with one of the detailed patterns as they have small lines that are tricky to pick up perfectly.



As you can see, the pandas picked up pretty well! The only one that’s a little touch and go is the central panda but once on the nail it’s barely noticeable. I removed the black hearts, deciding to paint them free-hand later and painted in the panda heads white. I then stamped this on to my nails.

The second image I chose was the panda holding the ‘I love you’ sign, I mean it’s so appropriate for this time of year but so darn cute any other time too! I had a little more difficulty picking up the ‘I love you’ part, again I’m putting this down to the very fine lines however it’s easily corrected by painting the missing parts in if you’re wanting it perfect.


The plate certainly lives up to it’s name as the results are pretty darn cute! One problem with directly stamping the ‘I love you’ note on to your nail is that it’ll be back to front, I learned that the hard way, so I had to create that as a decal and place it on my nail the right way around.

The second design I chose to do with the plate involved using one of the images with larger spaces, to test out how well they scraped – would they be patchy? No, definitely not!


I used a BornPrettyStore Silicone Mat which will be reviewed fully next week to create the decals on. (You can just sneakily see in the background of this photo. I’ve maybe already ruined the surprise, as it clearly works well…)



I’m going to say it again, but how cute! The plate is certainly worth the money, there’s a lot of fun and versatile images. It’s actually a perfect ‘scrape and go’ plate, apply a white base and stamp away – instant pandas!

If you order anything through BornPrettyStore, be sure to use my code ‘AZYW10’ to receive 10% all full priced items when you check-out.


Soot Sprites…

So these super cute pom poms were purchased way back in April last year. I clearly bought them on a whim and it probably went something along the lines of ‘aww how cute are these’ *adds to basket*, rather than actually having an idea in mind for them.

Inspiration struck today though, when I tipped them out of their little packet and they blew across my table – soot sprites!


I had to trim down some of their fuzz to make it possible to paint on their little eyes and I just used regular polish to stick them down. But as cute as they were, I unfortunately had to take them off minutes later as I had work to go to and they certainly weren’t practical for wearing in the pool!



Monday Make: Radish Bag…

So for some reason I took a hankering to do some lino printing at the weekend, having never touched my tools in probably years. (Ever have one of those moods that appear by random for something random? Weird ae.) I also had some spare canvas bags kicking around and therefore the perfect combo for a ‘Monday Make’ was born. A radish printed bag!

The following admission shouldn’t make me a terrible person, I certainly know die hard lino fans will be spitting out their coffee and reeling in horror but… I know I said lino printing, I actually cheat and use that vinyl lino as I find it way easier to carve as it’s softer and smoother.

The material I used were as follows;
Canvas Bag
Fabric Paint
Vinyl Lino
Lino Carving Tools


I started by drawing out a simplified sketch of a radish. It was important for me to keep it simple as I was firstly out of practice and didn’t fancy trying to carve anything too complex and secondly I was going to print it as a repeating pattern and didn’t want the over-all effect to look too busy.

I then traced the design in pencil on to some layout paper and did the whole pencil transfer thing by scribbling all over the back. As the vinyl is grey, the pencil marks can be pretty hard to see so I advise going over them in pen.

Then it was time for the fun part, the carving! There’s probably I proper technique to doing it, but I start by craving the outline and then working from there to remove all the excess. Top tip – just take your time, remember you can always remove but never put back!

The other fun part (can there be two fun parts?) is testing out the stamp for the first time. I chose to cut my radish in half so I could have the leaves green and the radish red. I applied the paint by brush (usually it’s by roller, sorry lino printers. Better go make yourself another coffee again and put on a new t-shirt.) and pressed it on to the paper. Obviously on bigger stamping blocks using a roller would give a smooth, even coverage but for little radishes I think brushes are just fine! I like the look of the brush strokes, I think it gives it a little more of a rustic charm no?


As I was happy with the way the stamp printed, it was time to put radish on to canvas. I added a little more paint to one side of the radish after it was printed to help achieve a rounded, shaded look as I felt it looked a little flat.


Press, print, repeat and soon you’ll have a lovely canvas bag covered in radishes. The fabric paint I used needs to be ironed for 5 minutes before it’s ‘fixed’ on to the fabric so make sure you read the instructions of yours. Nobody wants their radishes running in the rain!


Has anyone ever printed before? I think it’s quite a satisfying, easy craft to do and get in to – it’s a little addictive to be honest as I’ve already made a strawberry and carrot bag too!

Lucky Bag #2…

So this ‘lucky bag‘ was purchased back in June ’16 as I was previously pretty happy with the other lucky bags I’d received. For $0.99 it’s a little bit of fun and excitement! This one however was pretty horrific, which is why I’ve avoided using it, mainly down to the ‘Coco Channel’ metal decorations. I’m afraid I would never wear anything Coco Channel, least of all a knock off of their logo in the form of a  metal nail decoration. I’ve tried to hide what it is (rather unsuccessfully) by turning it on it’s side to create more of a pattern than a logo…

The water decals and lace stickers are cute enough, 2 out of 3 isn’t bad.


Lucky Bag Design.JPG