Pumpkin Tote…

So at the weekend I launched a new tote design – pumpkins!

The totes are made from 100% recycled cotton and the pumpkins are hand-printed meaning each bag is unique – sometimes there’s a little extra paint here or there.

Pumpkin Leaf Pile.JPG

You can find the pumpkin totes and other designs (strawberry, radish, carrot) in my Etsy Shop – WonderfulWolfCrafts. They retail at £3.50 and I can ship internationally!

Punpkin Banner.JPG

Tillandsia Skulls…

So I’m super excited to finally be able introduce my ‘Tillandsia Skulls’! What do yous think? Have a look through them and tell me what one’s your fave!

Natural White Water Mark.png
Natural Neutral Side Water Mark
Unicow Shell Water Mark.png
Natural White 2 Water Mark
Natural White Side Water Mark
Seaglass Ombre Water Mark.png
Natural Neutral Water Mark
Galaxy Gemstone Water marked

I’ve been working hard on them for the past few weeks figuring out things like scale and paint finishes, refining the sculpting process and finding out what looks cool as inserts. (Sea glass and gemstones are a yes!)

They’re hand sculpted from clay, dried, painted and then paired with their Tillandsia (airplant) horns. Each skull ends up being completely unique due to the nature of their creation – I just can’t sculpt the exact same shape each time! I can get close, but they’re not clones. The skulls come with a hole in the back of them allowing them to be hung on your wall.

Tillandsias are usually pretty hardy; they enjoy a bright room but not direct sunlight and require a light misting every week or so with plain water. I’d advise removing them from your wall to do this in case you end up with water spots on your wallpaper or paint. There’s no need to worry about the paint on the skull though, as it’s been varnished and therefore mist proof!

I’ve not yet listed any on my Etsy shop as I’m reserving their debut for my craft-show appearance on the 12th and 13th this month. It’s in Livingston Shopping center so if you’re around be sure to come say hi! I’ll also have my plantosaurs and tote bags with me. (Also stay tuned for a peek at what my stall will hopefully look like on the day.)

Monday Make: Totoro Phone Case

So I recently purchased a new phone but the shop didn’t sell cases for them (seems a bit backwards right?…) and because I hate a scratched screen I decided to make a case for it myself. I mean sure, there are ones for it online but they’re just so darn ugly!

I went with felt as my material of choice; it’s easy to sew, it’s colourful and it’s soft but protective.

What I needed for this case;
– Needle
– Pins
– Thread
– Tweezers
– Ruler
-Sharp Scissors
– Felt Sheets
– Fabric Glue
– Something heavy (or a flower press)

I started out by pinning my phone in to the felt to create a pouch. I decided to do it this way, instead of measuring, to ensure it was going to be snug enough for it. I then removed my phone, drew a straight line along the pins and started sewing – it was handy to have the lines there as it meant I sewed a bit straighter than by eye. I chose to use a back stitch as it’s simple but secure and gives a neat finish.
(Top tip – reduced the amount of sewing you need to do by using a fold over of felt rather than two separate pieces.)

After sewing my pouch I trimmed off the excess felt from the edges and turned it inside out. Fortunately the phone still fitted and looked as snug as a bug in a rug!


It was now time for the fun part – decorating! Of course you could go for anything you wanted as there’s endless colours of felt, but I chose to go with Totoro since he’s an easy pattern to deconstruct in to pieces.

Once all the pieces were cut out I used felt glue to stick it all together. As you can see I added a little embroidery detail to Totoro’s leaf for extra interest. The fabric glue I have isn’t great; it’s more wet than tacky so can take ages to get things stuck together, especially thick felt. Therefore I try to press the pieces together under something heavy whilst they dry to make sure it all sticks, this time the pocket was small enough to be squashed in my flower press and it did the trick!

(Top Tip – Place a piece of paper in the pocket to prevent glue soaking through and sticking the pocket sides together.)

I gave it a good hour or so drying time in the press and ta-da one perfectly sized phone case, but Totoro was missing one final detail… Did you spot what it was, his whiskers!


This was a pretty simple and quick project, but also cheap! The felt squares were from Hobbycraft at 50p each, so in a way you are in control of how much or how little you need to spend, for my design I used 5 colours which totals to £2.50. I’m super happy with the results! Does anyone else hate how boring phone cases can be if you’ve not got an Iphone?


Flower Power…

So my nails are non-existent at the moment. I broke two of them whilst I was fishing at the weekend, like right down to the quick – ouch! They’re so short I’m embarrassed to photograph them, and also a little scared to go near them with nail varnish remover they’re that raw feeling.

Anyway! I do ‘dabble’ in other crafts so thought I’d share a bracelet I made for myself. I had these cute ladybug and mushroom beads, and thought they’d look brilliant together will loads of flowers. It took me forever to complete, I honestly don’t know how many hours over how many days, but it felt like a long time. However! I’m super happy with how it looks; I think it’s cute, fun and summery.

(I used my phone to photograph it as my camera was out of charge, hence why they’re a little grainy!)

I’m an avid fish-keeper and love ‘touring’ new fish shops, I usually drag along my poor mum along for company. So while I made my bracelet I created her this little pair of earrings for her to wear when we visit them – just for a bit of fun really! (I actually don’t have my own ears pierced so I have to miss out!)