Just Dots…

So here’s some really simple autumnal nail art. Again, I was in the mood for having painted nails but didn’t have the time or motivation for anything excessive.

minimalist dots


Jam Jar…

So it’s my birthday on Sunday, hip hip hooray. As I’m going out for a ‘few drinks’ with friends on the Saturday night, my dad figured it would be safer to take me out for my birthday lunch today so I’d actually be able to enjoy the food without a hangover.

He took me to a restaurant that we’ve both been to before and enjoyed; it serves good food and has such a cozy atmosphere thanks for it’s wood burning stove and rustic decor, which is perfect for this time of year.  It’s called the ‘Jam Jar‘ and is located in Bridge of Allan. Now it totally makes sense as to why I have a jar of jam on my nails right!


OMD2 – Day 18 Dotticure…

So I wanted to do dots, and I wanted to do lots of dots. I chose the colours almost randomly, like without thinking about it too much – I chose my base then looked back into my case and picked out another for the large circle, painted them, then another for the surrounding circles, painted them, and then lastly picked one for the middles. They kinda works together! It looked a bit retro or something so I matte coated it too. I also couldn’t tell if this was out of focus or not because my eyes weirded out whilst looking at the dots!

OMD2 Dotticure

Sinful Tips…

So I don’t own any Sinful Colours, but I have heard some good reviews. I couldn’t believe it when I saw them at my local Boots store for £1.99. I couldn’t resist buying a few to try them out. This colour is ‘Love Nails’. It’s actually a opalescent, shimmery kind of polish, but to get the solid looking colour that I wanted, it took three coats. It did smell quite strongly compared to other brands, it was smooth to apply though and ended up with a lovely finish, plus I just love the colour. So over-all I’d say it was worth £1.99!

Sinful Tips

Barry M Win!…

So I won (along with 29 others) a Halloween nail art competition that Barry M held! I entered with my clown nails seeing as a few people were finding them pretty scary! The prize being their whole autumn winter collection of nail polishes, all 11 of them! I couldn’t believe it, I was expecting maybe 6 or so. Of course I couldn’t wait to try them out but I didn’t know which ones first! Scared of how textured the textures will be (possibly clothes catchy), I played safe with the mattes and went for something simple – I liked them because the colours reminded me of mushrooms. But they were actually called ‘Caramel’ and ‘Mocha’. (It was so weird not putting a top coat on them…)

Matte Dots

Here are the polishes I won, In order from left to right:
‘Crystal Glaze’
Mattes – ‘Espresso’, ‘Crush’, ‘Mocha’, ‘Caramel’, ‘Vanilla’.
Textured – ‘Lady’, ‘Dutchess’, ‘Majesty’, ‘Countess’. And the missing ‘Princess’ that I’d put into my nail polish bag and forgot to take out for the photo! Whoops! It’s a pink with gold and orange hints.

I actually found another winner on my wordpress reader – xsarahspeaksx . Maybe check out her blog too to see what she’ll be up to with her haul.


So, I’m back from holiday and finally organised enough to do my nails again. Although after looking back at my most recent designs it appears that I’ve fallen into a ‘dotting’ habit. I’ll try and correct this soon. Here’s some domino nail art. Not my best for sure… Anyone notice the mistake? The dominoes with two are going different ways, oops.

Dominoes Nail Art

I’m on holidot…

So this is a sneaky post – it was scheduled… I painted my mums nails the night before I went away on holiday as I couldn’t be bothered painting my own (having to take nail polish with me, etc etc).  I wasn’t however smart enough to plan anymore scheduled posts, so I’m afraid this is it for at least another 10 days. Stay strong! Stay smart! And stay painted! Over and out…

Holidotty Nail Art

A Few Hundred Dalmatians…

This is quite a cool nail varnish that I picked up at a market stall in Newcastle. It’s a W7(?) polish called ‘Salt and Pepper’. This is a totally quick and simple design, two coats of ‘Salt and Pepper’ and then dot with black. Hey presto!

A few hundred Dalmations