Fish Totes…

So when I say fish totes, I don’t mean totes for fish but totes of fish. Hand-printed fish on 100% recycled cotton totes to be exact. (Spoiler, one design actually isn’t a fish but a crustacean).

Please let me introduce my three new designs that I released at the start of the month – flounder, mackerel and crab. Which is your favourite?  You can find them listed in my Etsy Shop if you’re interested in reading some hilarious puns.

Fish Tote Trio Beach Shot.JPG

Crab Tote Bag Three Bridges.JPG

Mackerel Tote Bag Beach.JPG

Flounder Tote Bag Three Bridges.JPG

The beachy shots were taken in South Queensferry (with the assistance of my mum, thanks mum). It’s worth a visit if you’re ever close enough – there’s great independent shops, ice cream parlours, cafes, restaurants, a few pubs and also the lovely beach. It’s where I do all of my sea glass picking and driftwood hunting!