Beach Pusheen…

So even though I don’t really like cats, I find Pusheen super cute. And therefore I  have quite a bit of Pusheen merch including a monthly calendar. (If you follow me on Instagram and happen to watch my stories you have no doubt seen some of my ‘collection’.) I copied, to the best of my ability, this months picture which happens to be Pusheen having a stroll along the beach. Cute.

Pusheen on Beach Nail Art.jpg

Pusheen Full Design Nail Art


Floral deer decals…

So I wanted something on my nails but couldn’t be bothered to paint any nail art, so I grabbed some water decals. This one is from a big sheet of animal decals from BornPrettyStore which I’ve previously reviewed here. It’s a pretty handy set as it includes 120 ‘nails’ and includes several kinds of animals in all different colours so there’s something for every occasion.

Floral Deer Water Decals close up

Anyway, I went with an accent nail and tried colour match it’s base as best as I could, then added some dried flowers for a little extra.

Floral Deer Water Decals nail art

Red Squirrel…

So red squirrels are pretty darn cute, but unfortunately they’re not doing so well in Scotland anymore. There’s now only 120,00 left (75% of the UKs population), it was estimated that there used to be 3.5 million. Why such the drop? Well, they got heavily bullied by the larger, non-native gray squirrels out of their territories, then they started catching squirrel pox (thought to be brought in by the grays who aren’t even affected by it), and now cases of leprosy is spreading! Yikes, poor guys.

For this design, I used the fish scale stencils that I received for review from Born Pretty Store – which you can find here. I thought that the pattern they left behind sort of resembled pinecones?


Momiji Nails…

So I have a few momiji dolls that I have received over the years (birthdays, graduation, christmas etc) and I think they’re super cute. I decided to turn them into nail art, in the same kind of style as my babushka nails. I absolutely love my ring finger doll, that wee blue one is totally the best of the bunch!

Momiji Doll Nail Art


The Barry M nail art pen I bought has actually changed my nail art life (and I know I keep going on about it, sorry). It’s so good to use. I was in a kind of ‘I want to do something cute’ mood, so did this! I’ve never done a sidey ways design. Hope you like it!

My mum saw me using the pens and wanted a go herself, and this just goes to prove that they’re easy enough for anyone to use! I think she needs a little more practice though…
UPDATE: So I thought my mum had drawn a pretty good looking bear for the level or artistic skill she has, until she told me it was meant to be a guineapig….. oh dear….