HOLT – Faux Cow Skull…

(Holt has been lucky enough to find a home, but there are currently others still looking for one listed in my Etsy Shop)

Holt is a charming and reliable member of the Forest Creature family. He helps in the important task of guarding small woodlands from harm to allow them to grow in to mature forests. He features reindeer moss, faux succulents and driftwood horns so does not have any plant care demands. He has been hand sculpted from air drying clay and then carefully painted in woody tones.

Holt Main View.JPG

Holt is designed to be hung on the wall and therefore has a simple hole for hanging (e.g easy to place on to a picture hook or nail). He will arrive nestled in tissue paper and securely tied down within a tear strip postal box – all the packaging is recyclable.

Holt Dimensions.JPG

Measurements (Length x Width)
Skull = 6″ x 2.5″ / 15cm x 6.5cm
Skull + Horns = 7″ x 8″ / 18cm x 21cm

Air-drying Clay
Faux Succulents
Reindeer Moss

Holt Side View.JPG

As the skulls are handcrafted it naturally makes them all unique. However they all belong to one of the four collective families (Forest Creatures, Desert Dwellers, Galaxy Explorers, Ocean Wanderers) but I give them all a personal name to reflect their uniqueness, individuality and personality.


Tillandsia Skulls…

So I’m super excited to finally be able introduce my ‘Tillandsia Skulls’! What do yous think? Have a look through them and tell me what one’s your fave!

Natural White Water Mark.png
Natural Neutral Side Water Mark
Unicow Shell Water Mark.png
Natural White 2 Water Mark
Natural White Side Water Mark
Seaglass Ombre Water Mark.png
Natural Neutral Water Mark
Galaxy Gemstone Water marked

I’ve been working hard on them for the past few weeks figuring out things like scale and paint finishes, refining the sculpting process and finding out what looks cool as inserts. (Sea glass and gemstones are a yes!)

They’re hand sculpted from clay, dried, painted and then paired with their Tillandsia (airplant) horns. Each skull ends up being completely unique due to the nature of their creation – I just can’t sculpt the exact same shape each time! I can get close, but they’re not clones. The skulls come with a hole in the back of them allowing them to be hung on your wall.

Tillandsias are usually pretty hardy; they enjoy a bright room but not direct sunlight and require a light misting every week or so with plain water. I’d advise removing them from your wall to do this in case you end up with water spots on your wallpaper or paint. There’s no need to worry about the paint on the skull though, as it’s been varnished and therefore mist proof!

I’ve not yet listed any on my Etsy shop as I’m reserving their debut for my craft-show appearance on the 12th and 13th this month. It’s in Livingston Shopping center so if you’re around be sure to come say hi! I’ll also have my plantosaurs and tote bags with me. (Also stay tuned for a peek at what my stall will hopefully look like on the day.)


So I can finally unveil the ‘Plantosaurs’ I’ve been making! I had to keep them under wraps for ages as I was gifting them to some of my friends for birthdays and didn’t want to ruin the surprise in-case (in the rare event) they happened to look at my blog. I spotted the idea on pinterest of using toys as planters, by searching for ‘home-made gifts for men’ and thought that by using dinosaurs they were the perfect cross between geeky/fun/cool/decorative. Of-course they’re not just for the men, I’ve kept two myself as they’re so charming!

I changed the design I saw online a little by deciding to go with air-plants instead of soil planted succulents just to make life easier for the receivers – I mean I’m sure they can manage to give them a little spray with water every now and then, I hope… I also stuck with spraying them a neutral silver, instead of super bright colours that people could get too fussy over. I did try gold, but for some reason it dried tacky and was therefore written off as a potential colour. However on some dinosaurs I felt that little gold details would make them more interesting!

Styracosaurus Ionantha Ionantha (1)
They were pretty simple to make; drill some holes in the dinos back,  play a kind of join the dots with a scalpel to make a larger hole, spray, wait, then pair with a plant. The trickiest part being the spraying as I had to make sure everywhere was covered, and some of them were pretty wrinkly! The step that took the longest was of course the waiting for the spray paint to dry. The best part was pairing the dino with a plant – different plants really changed the look of the characters. Do I just sound mad?…

Brachiosaurus CaputMedusae (1)
So here’s some more of my plantosaurs, most of them have already been gifted by myself personally or sold to friends as they wanted to give them as gifts too! I’ve had such a positive reaction to them, and they’re so addictive to make that I’d love to take them to some craft fairs if I can manage to make more. (The weather is now against me as it’s winter – wind and wet do not go well with spray painting!) What do yous think, would you buy some of these guys?

Parasaurlophus Ionaantha Scaposa SOLD (1)
Stego Brachycaulos Multiflora SOLD (1)
T-Rex Juncea SOLD
Brachiosaurus CaputMedusae (3)
So which plantosaur would you give a home to? My favourites would definitely have to be the Brachiosaurus sporting a Caput-Medusae, and the rock-n-roll T-rex looking after a Juncae.