Just Dots…

So here’s some really simple autumnal nail art. Again, I was in the mood for having painted nails but didn’t have the time or motivation for anything excessive.

minimalist dots


Minimalist Coffee Anyone?…

So after painting this design all I could see was some sort of deconstructed latte art – anyone else or just me?

I’ve still not got my mojo back (or time) for painting nails but I was bored of seeing them blank, this kind of quick nail art was perfect for my mood.

minimalist coffee nail art

Teal Tartan…

So I went with some stamped nail art today as I didn’t have much time for anything else. (I was  spending most of my time today printing my new bag design which I’ll reveal next week!) The tartan/plaid image is from a BornPrettyStore stamping plate, unfortunately they no longer seem to sell it, and I paired it with a Models Own polish named ‘Teal’.

Teal Tartan Nail Art.

Everyday Lunar…

So, at the weekend, I wore these nails to compliment the dress I wore a friends wedding. The two polishes are Models Own ‘Lunar Grey’ and ‘Everyday Grey’. The dress itself was out of Monsoon, and I’m not ashamed to say I picked it up in the sale – it cost me £40 compared to the original price of £180. It’s a full length dress and hand embellished (it’s embellished all over) so it probably was worth the original price but… I can’t comfortably justify spending that amount of money on a dress that I will potentially only wear once.

I think it looked good, it didn’t look ‘out of season’ or have any damage and I was honestly lucky to pick something up as they often don’t have my size left by sale time. If push came to shove, I may have ended up taking a visit to Tesco or Asda. They often have beautiful items of clothing, that are good quality for attractive prices and fit well. Does anyone else wear ‘supermarket’ clothes?

Everyday Lunar Grey Wedding Nails.JPG

Striping Tape Squares…

So I decided to use some of the polishes from the Models Own ‘Twilight’ Collection again. It’s quiet an inspirational collection as all the colours compliment each other really well. This time I went for a striping tape design as I’ve not used it for ages and I find it rather therapeutic; even though the damn designs do take ages there’s something relaxing about it. I used ‘Marsala’, ‘Hot chocolate’ and ‘Sweet Sherry’.

Striping Tape Squares
I’ve really fallen in love with their hyper-gels. The brush is  a wide brush making application easy, and the formula is really glossy and thick but not overly so.

Marsala Hot Chocolcate Sweet Sherry Models Own

Happy Birthday to… me!

So it’s my birthday. Yes it’s the 13th and yes it’s a Friday but don’t worry I can safely say nothing bad happened so don’t panic. We decided to go through to Glasgow (even though the weather was absolutely ganting) for some sushi, shopping and a film. I just had to paint some sushi on my nails; I’ve never actually painted a sushi design before which is rather unbelievable if you know how much I love sushi! I chose Sake Nigiri: a firm favourite, and Sake Avocado Maki: a safe favourite. (I do get more adventurous – I love a seabass nigiri, mackerel nigiri, fish roe, and forever on, but I chose those two mainly because they were the easiest to paint!)

We visited Yo!Sushi for a light lunch. I like Yo!Sushi but it is a little bit over priced and the sushi on offer is of normal variety – don’t get me wrong it’s still super tasty and fresh and I visit regularly but. I did the typical cheesy ‘I’ve got sushi on my nails and I’m eating sushi ahahahaha’ picture to which my boyfriend looked super unimpressed with, whoops! I’m honestly not one of those food photo sharers on Instagram.

I  managed to hit up my two favourite shops, Paperchase and Hotel Chocolate, but also the new Model’s Own BottleShop that’s opened in Buchanan Galleries. They’ve changed their offer of 5 for £20 for the better as you can now get 6 for £20 due to them running a 3 for 2 (polishes are £5 each so technically you get a better saving and you feel less inclined to buy more and can just stop at a tenner, instead of going all the way up to £20’s worth). I also just HAD to get it – yup a Nails Inc Paint Can. I just couldn’t resist it regardless of how much of a ‘fad’ it is or how expensive it is (£10 a tin), etc etc but it will be so much fun!

After shopping and the film (I’m a little embarrassed to say we went to see paranormal activity and I jumped a lot…) we went to Nanakusa. Without sounding like a right food snob, it was the proper Japanese Sushi restaurant of our trip. They do sell seabass, mackerel, urchin etc at this place and authentic Japanese cuisine (or atleast as authentic as you can probably get for being in Scotland). For the first time ever I tried Sake – I’ve always been too scared to try it in-case I a) don’t like it and b) end up absolutely off my face on it, so thought a cocktail was a safe bet. I had a ‘Yuzu Drop’ and it was delicious but not for those who dislike sweet drinks as it has a big dod of yuzu jam in it. I would have loved to have taken a photo, but yeah remember the disappointing boyfriend look and the earlier I’m not a food photo sharer quote…

ModelsOwn: Eyeshadow Leopard…

So this is probably my last entry in to the ModelsOwn competition as it closes in a few days. This time round (which is the 5th time) I took inspiration from the models eye-shadow and combined it the little toy leopard in her sash – the outcome being a ‘quirky’ take on leopard print, even if I didn’t have the correct colour palette…


ModelsOwn: Second try…

So this is my second entry for the ModelsOwn competition. This time I was inspired by the cable-tie looking spikes poking out of the sash. Maybe a little bit safe and boring considering how exciting the photo is but…


ModelsOwn: #1234ThumbWar…

So ModelsOwn are holding a competition (#1234ThumbWar) where you create nail designs inspired by a photo they posted. Unfortunately my orange photographed more red, and now all it reminds me of is Cadbury Cream Eggs! This is my first entry, you can enter as many times as you fancy so expect some more from me.



So my summer is now over – I’m back to work tonight after being off for 7 weeks (I’m a swimming teacher and I only work term time, it’s not that I’ve been ill or slacking off or anything!). It’s been chock-a-block so hopefully my posting routine will return to normality, however I feel as if I’ve been in a nail art slump so don’t count on it too much.

After a few blah attempts at other designs, I really felt up for this and I’m so happy with how it turned out. A little bit too ‘spring’ feeling though? Maybe I could try turn this into something more Autumn themed at a later date. I used striping tape to create the triangles which are painted with Models Own ‘Colour Chrome Blue’.

At first I liked the design as just an ‘accent’. But then I panicked in-case it  looked unfinished or if I’d lost interest in doing the rest so I painted them all. Which version do you prefer?