Just Dots…

So here’s some really simple autumnal nail art. Again, I was in the mood for having painted nails but didn’t have the time or motivation for anything excessive.

minimalist dots


Falling Leaf…

So I’ve been really embracing Autumn this week. I feel summer delivered good weather and good times, and therefore I’m happy to get on with the seasons to come. Sometimes, especially in Scotland, we’re a little cheated by the summer weather due to it’s unpredictability but not this year.

I find Autumn very beautiful. Most of my flowers are dying off, but I’ve looked at them for months so now it’s nice to see the Cyclamen peeping out with their wonderful shades of pinks and purples. Even though the leaves on the trees are actually dying, their death attire is gorgeous. And I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful view of the edge of a forest from my room window so I can’t help but appreciate the beauty of it.

Anyway, can we put that ramble down to a ‘the weekend is here’ drink, here’s some nail art.


Striping Tape Squares…

So I decided to use some of the polishes from the Models Own ‘Twilight’ Collection again. It’s quiet an inspirational collection as all the colours compliment each other really well. This time I went for a striping tape design as I’ve not used it for ages and I find it rather therapeutic; even though the damn designs do take ages there’s something relaxing about it. I used ‘Marsala’, ‘Hot chocolate’ and ‘Sweet Sherry’.

Striping Tape Squares
I’ve really fallen in love with their hyper-gels. The brush is  a wide brush making application easy, and the formula is really glossy and thick but not overly so.

Marsala Hot Chocolcate Sweet Sherry Models Own

Deep Sea Tartan…

So is there a difference between ‘tartan’ and ‘plaid’? I wasn’t quite sure what title these nails should come under so I went with Tartan, because well I’m Scottish and it seemed more natural. Anyway, this style of nail art seems to be a trend right now so I thought I’d hop on and join in. I’m using ‘Deep Sea’ from Models Own Hyper-Gel ‘Twilight’ collection, which I won after being selected as a runner up. The hyper-gels are lovely – so thick and glossy and they have great coverage.

So who’s yet to try out this style? And more importantly is it ‘plaid’ or ‘tartan’? Help me.

HyperGel Deep Sea Plaid Nails
I normally use my thumb as my ‘practice’ nail which is why it’s never included in shots as it usually ends up in a bit of a mess. However, annoyingly this time I felt that my thumb actually turned out the best….

Plaid, Tartan Nail Art
So who’s yet to try out this style? And more importantly is it ‘plaid’ or ‘tartan’? Help me.