So I’ve been super quiet on the blog front, apologies. I won’t bore you too much with the detail of the excuses but basically I’ve been super busy and unmotivated. When I did manage to get a minute to myself I just wanted to chill out and couldn’t be bothered with my nails.

ANYWAY! I purchased this super cute washi tape over in Japan. It’s very appropriate for today’s climate which has been considerably snowy. I cut the tape to size and stuck it down, it was actually quite a sticky washi so it stuck no bother. I then top coated it with Seche Vite and viola!

Pikachu Washi Tape Mani

Melted Galaxy…

So cast your mind back to Wednesday when I published a review about some Holographic Nail Foil. It looked really pretty until Seche Vite melted it, in to something else pretty but not what I’d signed up for really. This was what I turned it in to, a galaxy design just made sense really with the deep, shimmery tones that were now displayed on my nails after the melting.

Holo Foil Galaxy

MiniManiMonth Simple Hearts…

So for this simple design. I used ‘Ivory Queen’ for the base, two coats, it’s a very gentle peach, with a slight shimmer of gold.  I must say I think it’s a colour I could wear on my nails without feeling the need to add any ‘art’, it’s a warm enough nude colour to not make me look ill (as so many other nude colours do) and also interesting enough for me not to get bored. The hearts are painted with ‘Knickerbockerglory’, how about that for a mouth full! A very bright pink which I’m sure would make an amazing base colour.

Simple Heart Nail Art
Simple Heart Nail Art

Houndstooth with Silver…

So I purchased some nail art supplies out of a shop called ‘Wilkos’ for £1 each – a set of nail wraps, french manicure tip guides and  ‘nail jewels’ – 4 little tubs of  very fine nail foil. I haven’t seen their nail products before so I was keen to try them. I’ve already used the tip guides for my green ombre on ombre, and they worked great, so today I decided to use the foils and wraps.

The wraps are definitely in the ‘thicker’ category, but not in the ‘too thick’ one – meaning they were able to bend round the nail and hug it, but not pliable enough to get rid of two tiny wrinkles. Still acceptable for £1!

The foil, this is where it gets confusing. The following points about it aren’t meant to be complaints, but they kind of sound like that, but I’m not sure if that means I am complaining about it because it wasn’t actually ‘bad’?…  The foil is super fine, I sometimes accidentally blew it away with my breathing or arm movements. It also stuck to everything without much coaxing, my tray and my fingers mainly. I used nail foil glue to make it stick to my nails and I did want the pieces of silver to be small and delicate… However with the foil glue being so sticky and the foil being so keen to attach itself to anything I ended up with big clumsy chunks. Nevermind! I still enjoyed working with it, and really like it?… Confused, I am.

Houndstooth with Silver Foil
Houndstooth with Silver Foil

MiniManiMonth Chinchilla with Twinkle Toes…

So ‘Chinchilla’ is a really nice grey, blue. However, I can’t tell if it makes my hands look older. (If a polish can do such a thing, I have been a little lax on my moisturizing lately so it could be that too…) ‘Twinkle Toes’ is a loose silver glitter, which of course created a terrible mess, and didn’t photograph well. That’s not to say it’s disappointing, as it’s lovely and sparkly in reality just too messy for regular wearing. My striping tape has also arrived so expect plenty more straight line designs!

Chinchilla Twinkle Toes

MiniManiMonth 4 colour camo…

So I managed to scored off 4 polishes with this design, leaving 19 more bottles from the calendars to try out! The base colour is ‘Loop the Loop’, the sort of duck egg green is called ‘Apple and Custard’, the dark green is called ‘Tweed and Tails’ and the only one left is called ‘Hidden Gem’. I used my new Seche Vite (how do you pronounce that by the way?) and it’s great. At first it made the nails look fuzzy, not smudged but just odd – but then it kinda cleared up and it dried pretty quickly and with a nice gloss. Yet another great bargain from TKMaxx!

Ciate Camo


So I was on holiday at the weekend and by the time I got back, I really couldn’t be bothered to paint my nails. (I also wasn’t smart enough to schedule a post, duurr.) Hence why I’m posting on Tuesday instead on Monday, sorry. I’ve never tried a ‘blobicure’ but I thought they looked cool, some are really amazing looking if you google it. I think my attempt turned out not too bad but there’s certainly room for improvement – I’d definitely like to give it another go!


It was such a simple technique that I even painted my left hand as it required no control from my right hand!

Blobicure Left Hand