Quick Chicks…

So if anyone doens’t know, it’s easter on Sunday and so far I have produced zero themed nails for it – whoops! Even though ‘Easter’ is a religious festival, for me it’s more about spring being in full flight. So I’ve went for some Easter chicks. These guys in particular were actually inspired by the little chicks from the game ‘Harvest Moon’. If you’ve played any of the games, you’re hopefully seeing it. They were quickly and simply done to create a kind of ‘graphic’ and ‘contemporary’ look.

Quick Chicks

Ombre Lace…

So with summer approaching there’s a lot of beautiful lace/macrame designs going about. I really fancied trying it  out, but soon after starting I realised I’d made my lines way too thick to have the delicacy that others achieved. There was no way I could include enough detail either to make it look like a proper macrame hanging so I kept it simple.

There’s always time to try again!

Ombre Lace Nail Art

Watermelon Slices…

So these were meant to get published yesterday, on my regular posting day, but I managed to mess up the scheduling blergh.

It’s getting closer to summer, and that means watermelons! I love watermelon, but it’s always so expensive and sometimes doesn’t taste nice. Watermelon nail art also doesn’t taste nice, but it is super cute!

Unfortunately the colours didn’t show up too well on my camera but if you follow me on Instagram- @wonderfulwolf – you’ll get a better idea of how they really look.

Watermelon Slices Nail Art

Something simple…

So this post is a bit of a cheat, as the design was actually a base for some vegetable nail art but if I hadn’t said anything would anyone have pulled me up?…

I’ve been super busy still, so apologies, but I am still trying to stick to my ‘posting schedule’ even if it’s cheat/fail posts!


‘Steel Waters Run Deep’…

So I received the OPI ‘Infinite Shine’ set for my Christmas along with the shade ‘Steel Waters Run Deep’ (where do OPI get their names from).

OPI Infinite Shine
It’s a three step procedure; base coat first which is bottle number ‘1’, then two thin coats of your shade as it’s bottle number ‘2’, and then lastly one thin coat of bottle number ‘3’ which is the gloss. I think the numbering is great, it keeps is dumb so you can’t go wrong!

OPI Infinite Shine Complete
It is pretty glossy! I did struggle with the thin coating though, I’m used to drowning my nails in Seche Vite so sometimes I went too thin and ended up getting dry brush dragging. You can sorta see it on my ring finger, but not bad for my first try.

I couldn’t just leave them at grey so decided to add some silver foil. It was one of those shades that depending on the lighting it could look really dark grey, but I felt this photo showed it’s true colour the best.

OPI Inifinte Shine Silver Foil