ATLAS – Faux Cow Skull…

(Atlas is listed in my Etsy Shop as he’s looking for a home)

Atlas is an elder of the Galaxy Explorer family; he is strong and reliable and is often turned to for help in times of unrest or confusion. He has been hand sculpted from air drying clay and then carefully painted with a beautiful galaxy. His horns are driftwood and he features a subtle piece of Hematite.

Atlas Main.JPG

Hematite is the oldest known iron oxide mineral that has ever formed on earth. It is believed by some to calm nerves, boost self-esteem and aid focus. It is thought to provide an all round feeling of personal strength and security.

Atlas Side1.JPG

Atlas is designed to be hung on the wall and therefore has a simple hole for hanging (easy to place on to a picture hook or nail). He will arrive in a tear strip postal box, nestled in tissue paper and securely strapped down – all the packaging is recyclable.

Measurements (Length x Width)
Skull = 5.75″ x 3″ / 14.5cm x 8cm
Skull + Horns = 6.75″ x 7″ / 17cm x 18cm

Atlas Dimensions.JPG

Air-drying Clay

As the skulls are handcrafted it naturally makes them all unique. However they all belong to one of the four collective families (Forest Creatures, Desert Dwellers, Galaxy Explorers, Ocean Wanderers) but I give them all a personal name to reflect their uniqueness, individuality and personality.

Atlas Side2.JPG