Neon Sprinkles…

So we went to the Megazone at the weekend (a local laser tag center that’s been open for seriously years), and I felt inspired to paint my nails for it. I went for neon colours just like the lasers, and I also topped the lines with a glow in the dark polish for a bit of fun seeing as the games take place in the dark. I’ve never used it before and the results weren’t even worth photographing – it would have been a photo of darkness. But I am willing to try it again, I think with a few coats over the whole nail you might be able to see it. Even though the design was inspired by lasers, I kinda see them as neon sprinkles!

Neon Sprinkles Nail Art

5 thoughts on “Neon Sprinkles…

  1. I’ll have to try this out, it’s so trendy yet simple. Love it!

    • Yeah, it was quite easy! I could have taken time to be more precise when covering over the white with the neon but… You’ll need to let us see it if you try it!

  2. So cute! I love – everything needs more SPRINKLES.

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