So admittedly I had to google ‘japanese fish flag’ to find out what the proper name for these cute little wind socks were. Turns out, they’re not just decorative and actually help to celebrate ‘Childrens Day’ in Japan. Koinobori are displayed from April to early May, (appropriate timing for this nail design then) and each fish represents a different family member; the black and biggest is the father, the red is the mother and then the smaller fish traditionally starting with blue, then green, represent the children! Why carp? Well apparently carp symoblise strength and courage due to their ability to swim up streams and it is hoped that by flying these carp the children will grow up to be strong and healthy too. How interesting is that (Big thanks to wikipedia)!

It’s not my neatest stamping work, I was under a bit of time pressure so had to hash them out which was a shame as they deserved better. But they still look kinda cute! The largest koinobori image is from the Nee Jolie ‘Japan style’ plate that I’ve been addicted to lately, (sushi and blossom anyone?) whilst the smaller carp are from a Harunouta L002 plate  which I’ve reviewed previously.


Foiled Bird…

So I’ve seen some pictures on Instagram where people are managing to foil their stamped image. They must be magicians as I tried to stamp with my foil glue and it just did not work, or maybe they’re using a different glue or method but lets stick with the magic theory as it makes me look less incompetent. I didn’t want to abandon the idea completely so I twisted it to better suit my non-magical abilities – I stamped, foiled, then stamped again (all made possible by my clear jelly stamper). Didn’t they turn out pretty!

The stamped images are from plate BP-80, which I just recently reviewed, using my black konad stamping polish both from BornPrettyStore. The foils are crafting foils.


Watermelon Slices…

So these were meant to get published yesterday, on my regular posting day, but I managed to mess up the scheduling blergh.

It’s getting closer to summer, and that means watermelons! I love watermelon, but it’s always so expensive and sometimes doesn’t taste nice. Watermelon nail art also doesn’t taste nice, but it is super cute!

Unfortunately the colours didn’t show up too well on my camera but if you follow me on Instagram- @wonderfulwolf – you’ll get a better idea of how they really look.

Watermelon Slices Nail Art

Neon Triangles…

So this design was born by responding to one of this months prompts set by ‘NailItMag‘ – which was Matte Neons. I have used striping tape manymany times before to create triangles but never with a neon colour combination! I’m not too sure if I’m going to submit this look or not, however it did turn out pretty cool (or rather hot because it carries a serious summer vibe! Ahahah….)

NeonTrianglesNailArtMattCoat - Copy

Pokemon Theme: Goldeen and Seaking…

So these were really fun to paint, I knew how I wanted to paint them from the get go. Of-course in ‘reality’ Goldeen would never be able to be kept in a bowl (it actually warns against it on Bulbapedia), but I reckon a pond full of Seaking would look beautiful!

118 119 Goldeen Seaking

No more counting sheep…

So we just got a new bed and it is bliss… Before I would honestly lie awake for ages because I was so uncomfortable in it. To let you understand we moved in to our house two years ago and the bed came from my boyfriends – it was totally in his ‘shape’ which meant he had a tendency to gravitate towards the middle dip in the bed leaving me to teeter on the edge, not to mention it was also 11 years old, ew. I managed to moan about it so much he got tired of it persuade him in to buying a new one, and it’s amazing. No more counting sheep for me!

Own up guys, how old are all your beds?

Sleepy Sheepy Nail Art
I really like my smooshy, dream cloud base that I created for them so photographed that too. I used 6 different polishes – 2 pinks, 2 purples, 1 pearlescent topper and a glitter topper. Phew…