Spiders at the Disco…

So why do Halloween nails need to be doom and gloom? I’ve decided to go for a neon splodge decorated with spiders. The spiders are stamped (except my friend on the wall) from the plate I received in the ‘lucky bag‘ I purchased for $0.99. I actually quite like creepy crawlies so the fact it had snails, centipedes and spiders on it didn’t bother me, so I reckon it actually was a lucky bag for me.

Spider Friend
(Please excuse the colour of my fingers, I’m not quite sure what’s went wrong as I am not currently sun-burnt and the lack of clean up – rookie mistake.) I used to avoid stamping with black, due to the fact the polishes I own didn’t seem to pack the punch black should. So I decided to order Konad Black and boy has it changed my stamping life! I am no longer scared to stamp in black, look how vibrant and bold and punchy those spiders are! For the sake of being fair, in-case you think I’m talking out my bottom, I did a little comparison test… The results speak for themselves really! What black polish do you use to stamp with?



Summer Carnival…

So I’ve kind of cheated for this design. If you can remember yesterdays (here), I’ve actually removed the studded nails because they smudged off – my base layers must’ve been too thick/not dry, keeping the confetti ones. Not because the thought of having to take off catchy glitter is freaking me out or anything… I had no idea what I was doing so just went for it and it’s resulted in my taping being weird and then it all went over the top and the nails don’t really match each other, but hey. It’s a summer carnival design, anything bright goes right!….

Summer Carnival

Summer Sprinkles…

So I totally shouldn’t be spending money on nail varnish at the moment but… I’ve had my eye on this Claire’s accessories confetti polish (even though they’re calling it a glitter polish) for ages and I gave in and bought it… It’s been so sunny lately – it’s lovely! So this design is perfectly weather appropriate, being cheery and bright.

The only studs I have are metallic coloured which didn’t suit the look I was aiming for. So I just painted them first, let them dry then applied as normal!

Summer Sprinkles

Summer Time Stripes…

So I’ve not used my striping tape in a wee while (the last time I did, it had a horrible result and I think I got put off) but when I saw this tutorial on one of my favourite blogs at the moment, I thought ‘hey, I have to try this!’.  Also I have a bit of a crush on Neon colours at the moment, so here they are again. I was surprised by how long this took! Seriously. Cutting the tape, carefully painting between the lines, peeling it off, top coating it – it wasn’t difficult,  just took ages for me! Maybe I’m out of practice with fiddly things …

Summer Time Stripes

Neon Sprinkles…

So we went to the Megazone at the weekend (a local laser tag center that’s been open for seriously years), and I felt inspired to paint my nails for it. I went for neon colours just like the lasers, and I also topped the lines with a glow in the dark polish for a bit of fun seeing as the games take place in the dark. I’ve never used it before and the results weren’t even worth photographing – it would have been a photo of darkness. But I am willing to try it again, I think with a few coats over the whole nail you might be able to see it. Even though the design was inspired by lasers, I kinda see them as neon sprinkles!

Neon Sprinkles Nail Art