BornPrettyStore: Silver Stamping Polish…

So you’re maybe sick of all my Born Pretty Reviews by now, especially because the majority of them are all very positive. I bet you think I’ve sold out and that I’m bent over a barrel having to say false praises to stay on their good side, but I’m genuinely not. I’m not scared to say anything negative for fear of losing free stuff either, I do appreciate it but I mean they’re not sending me a gold Rolex and champagne, we’re talking about $10 worth of stuff here every 4 months or so. This review is a perfect example where the pictures and product speak for itself, and my rambling waffle isn’t even necessary, you can’t deny here that their product works well.

The product I’m talking about it their own brand ‘Silver Stamping Polish‘, at $4.99 (currently on sale at $1.99 16/11/16) I did not have high hopes. I only have 2 stamping polishes, both Konads which retail at between $8-$12 and they are fantastic so the price difference worried me. Usually with these things you’re better investing as you’re paying for more pigment and generally better quality. I was very skeptical starting this review.

The bottle arrives well packaged, it’s encased in a little foam cube which is very dense so there’s no need to fear any smashes in the post.

I was expecting the polish to be pretty runny, and maybe a little insipid. But actually it has a nice consistency, not too thick not too thin – a real goldilocks. The brush is of standard shape, it doesn’t need to be fancy as it’s only for applying to stamping plates.

The polish applies nicely to the plate, (I used one of my all time favourites, BP-16), it scraped off fine and my stamper picked it up well too. It produced a strong, neat looking image, but I suppose this is also down to a good plate and a good stamper too.

Due to my skepticism, I wasn’t holding any punches and went straight for the jugular – a jet black base. I was laughing in it’s face, I thought it was going to turn out so weak and transparent and I’d be able to mock it because I could barely see it. I was so very wrong…

The tables had turned, it was laughing at me, it knew it’s hidden strength all along. Look how bold it is. Behold how silver and shiny it is. Please accept my apologies you wonderful stamping polish. I’d started with the hardest base colour hoping it would fail at the first hurdle and it didn’t, so it was time to test it on the rest of the colours I’d chosen.

It holds it’s own on all the colours. Even on the pale ones where it could have been easily lost, it’s still bold enough to be seen. I was so genuinely impressed.

My next challenge for the stamping polish was a comparison against a non-stamping polish, I felt my silver OPI was the best rival. The pictures speak for themselves.

As you can see, the OPI on the right is dull, grainy looking and a little bit patchy. The BPS stamping polish is bold, bright and wonderful. It’s a fair test, and the results can’t really be argued with.

I chose a second stamping plate to use the polish on, just to ensure the image would still be as crisp and it certainly was. Again I used a black base to really highlight how strong this polish is.

So I’m impressed, are you? You can’t deny those are pretty amazing results. For stamping do you use regular polish or specificly stamping polish, and if so has it even been a BornPrettyStore one?



Zoo date…

So tonight, we’re off to the zoo. Visiting the zoo at night sounds strange doesn’t it, but Edinburgh Zoo has been opening in the evening for a few ‘adults only’ nights . I’ve never been to one before, but by the sounds of it I think we’ll enjoy it – there’s street food stalls, face painting, fossil digs (in conjunction with their dinosaurs exhibit), beer tents, cupcake stands, and more! The best part of it of course being there’s not going to be any children. I have another design on my fingers right now that I wasn’t ready to remove, but I couldn’t resist painting animal themed nails for it!

It’s super tricky to paint your own toes, give it a go I dare you. My ‘tiger’ turned out to look like a rather large cat, and my ‘zebras’ nose spiraled out of control so ended up disproportionately large, but they’re cute in a way!

(p.s sorry for all those people who hate feet/toes! It seems like I’ve been posting a lot of toe nail designs lately….)

Zebra and Tiger Toes

Shiny Happy Zebras…

So I just love how this turned out, it’s so happy and shiny! I want to say I went ‘too far’ with all the glitz and glitter but I’m not sure if that’s even really possible… I used a flakie and a glitter  polish for the base, stamped on top using the multicolored blobbing technique,and then added a ridiculous amount of gems (even though if I’d planned it better I could have had more on there!).

It’s a shame because (how many times do I complain about this) the photos don’t do the glitter any justice, it’s so much brighter and glittery in person and it’s a serious distraction whilst driving. I used BornPrettyStore plate BP-16 which is an amazing plate that I’ve returned to time and time and time again for images. If you fancy purchasing it too, you can use the code ‘AZYW10’ at the BornPrettyStore check out for 10% off all full priced items.


Zebras on Acid…

So this is a colourful assault on the eyes right! Perfect for a festival or this beautiful spring weather -HA just kidding. It’s still cold and chucking it down….

P.S the zebra print is actually stamped from plate BP-16 from BornPrettyStore.

Zebra on Acid Nail Art

BornPrettyStore: Stamping Plate BP16…

So as we all know, I am no stamper. So when Born Pretty Store asked me to pick a few items for review I thought ‘Why not go for a stamping set?’. This would give a fair review as a total novice trying it out, rather than a stamping wizard doing it who would no doubt get amazing results anyway. I picked this animal plate* and a stamper and scraper* because again, you would probably need to buy both when starting out.

The plate comes with a blue protective film, remember to take this off. The stamper is a good size to hold and looks like it’ll be large enough to pick up all of the zebra print section. The scraper feels sturdy and has a metal edge for removing excess polish, making cleaning it afterwards pretty easy.

The actual stamping TOOK PRACTICE AND REPETITION before I got anything usable! I don’t actually own any ‘stamping polishes’, again probably fairer I didn’t as what normal person really does. So at first I had major problems finding the right polish to stamp with, they didn’t transfer well, they looked too feint, etc etc. I eventually found that my Barry M ‘Guava’ was good because it was thicker and possibly more pigmented meaning the colour looked bolder. This had nothing to do with the plate/stamper/scraper, just me!

It also took me a while to understand how to ‘scrape’. At first I was holding it at the wrong angles, scrapping off too much, not scrapping off enough, too slow, catching the scraper on other designs. But once I got it, boy I got it! It was such a good feeling, the scraper is excellent it was just my inexperience!

As for the stamper, it was great for picking up designs, the pad is rounded meaning you can do a fancy rolling motion and transferring the design on to my nail was easy enough with the stamper too – it’s soft and deep meaning you can give the design a good press on to your nail without any problems. The stamper/scraper set is a great purchase as you don’t need to buy it again, so you’ll always have it for use on more plates.

The plate itself has a lot of small details, like the zebra eyes and trees and I was so happy with how they picked up. (You can see how tiny the details are especially on my pinky). It cleaned really easily, all I did was wipe it with an acetone soaked cotton pad to remove the polish then wiped it with a tissue to dry off the residue.

Over-all I’m impressed with the products – they worked well and did their job! It’s just myself that needs to practice, it’s not perfect but it’s pretty good for a first attempt. The designs are fantastic and I’ll definitely be having a play with it again. The prices are already crazy cheap for such good stuff, free delivery too, but remember you’ll get an extra 10% off with the code ‘AZYW10’ at checkout.

*These were provided free of charge, in return for me providing a review on my blog.


So I’m using two more of my new Barry M polishes – matte polish ‘crush’ and textured polish ‘princess’. (I actually wanted to call the post something like ‘Crushed Princess’ but thought that was a bit sick) I’ve not done a print in a while and thought these two would work well together as tiger. I think they create an interesting contrast with each other.

I had to put a pink base coat on (Barry M – ‘Peach Melba’) as the textures are quite pale/sheer and would probably need a lot of coats to actually show their bottle colour. And as always, the glitter is so much nicer in reality.

Pink Tigress

Concrete Zebra…

I got this gray from an Avon book and was dying to try it. In the bottle it has a kind of shimmer to it, and has a very slight almost lilac tint. It applied nice and smooth and didn’t dry too fast on my brush (which can be a total pain if that happens!).

I think I quite like this colour combination, although there’s still a bit of me going ”Oh no, that’s nasty.” What do yous think?

Concrete Zebra