SOL – Faux Cow Skull

(Sol is currently for sale in my Esty Shop )

I have taken inspiration from the warmth of the setting Sun to create this piece called ‘Sol’. He is hand sculpted from air drying clay and is adorned with a beautiful, unusual piece of sea glass picked from the shores of a South Queensferry beach.

Sol Main.JPG

Sol’s ‘horns’ are actually a pair of ‘Butzii’ Airplants. Here are my simple recommendations on how to keep them happy and healthy;
– Mist the plants once or twice a week with water, ensuring they have dried off within 4 hours or your plants may begin to rot.
– Place the skull in a bright room, but out of direct sunlight as the plant may get too dry and begin to brown.
I include a care sheet specific to the variety of airplant ‘horns’ with each skull for your future reference.

Sol Side View.JPG

Sol is designed to be hung on the wall and therefore has a simple hole for hanging (e.g place on to a picture hook or nail). He will arrive nestled in tissue paper and securely tied down within a tear strip postal box – all the packaging is recyclable.

Sol Close Up.JPG

Measurements: (Length x Width)
Skull = 4.75″ x 2.75″ / 12cm x 7cm
Skull + Horns = 12″ x 3.5″ / 30cm x 9cm

sol dimensions

Air Drying Clay
Sea Glass

Each of my skulls are one of a kind. They may share a collective theme however they will never come out the same. I give them all a personal name to reflect this uniqueness.

Shooting stars…

So unfortunately, as of yet, I haven’t sold any constellation necklaces! But I’m not sure why. I feel the price is fair, I can’t reduce it any further as a lot of time goes in to creating each piece. And I think they’re attractive, I mean I know they’re not going to be to everyone’s taste but they’re bound to appeal to someone. So the only thing that I could think to change was the product shots.

Originallly I had them on a 3D paper cut, galaxy background. To be fair it maybe looked cool full size, but actually when reduced to a thumb nail it didn’t show up the necklaces that well: it was dark on dark, stars on stars. Totally different now! Check out my Etsy shop for the full set of new pictures, I now have 5 pictures for each necklace, and let me know what you think!

Great Bear Close Up WonderfulWolfCrafts

Scorpious Close Up WonderfulWolfCrafts

The Hydra Close Up WonderfulWolfCrafts

I went for a light background to really make the black pop, along with some crystals and glitter to help convey a galactic feel. For admittedly not having a great eye for photography I’m pretty chuffed with how they turned out maybe just because they’ve freshened up my shop. But I’m not going to pretend it was quick or easy; changing props, settings, angles, lighting and so on I ended up taking well over 200 shots, then having to edit those the whole thing took a good few hours to result in 12 usable pictures. That isn’t a moan but just a peak at the ‘behind the scenes’ work that goes in to creating hand-made products for sale online. It’s something I’d never thought about before, had you?

Pumpkin Tote…

So at the weekend I launched a new tote design – pumpkins!

The totes are made from 100% recycled cotton and the pumpkins are hand-printed meaning each bag is unique – sometimes there’s a little extra paint here or there.

Pumpkin Leaf Pile.JPG

You can find the pumpkin totes and other designs (strawberry, radish, carrot) in my Etsy Shop – WonderfulWolfCrafts. They retail at £3.50 and I can ship internationally!

Punpkin Banner.JPG


So let’s kick off the new year with a WonderfulWolfCrafts Etsy sale! If you enter the code ‘HAPPY17’, you’ll receive 17% off your purchase – pretty neat huh.


And if you’re unsure as to what wares I’m peddling – it’s these very pretty constellation necklaces, head on over to the shop to learn more about them!