New Year 2017…

So it’s almost a new year! I know that 2016 hasn’t been kind to many  of my personal friends, and I understand there has been a lot of celebrity death, as well as events that people felt very strongly towards either way like Trump being elected and Brexit, but to be honest it was an okay year for me. Of course, it’s always exciting to look forward to a new one and I know there are some awesome things lined up for me (I’m not sharing yet, it’s a surprise!) so let’s go!

Happy New Year guys!



Autumnal Streaks…

So I’ve done this design before as a Halloween theme but I’m really into wearing autumnal colours just now (I wonder why, it’s not like it’s November and everything is all oranges and browns at the moement…) so the colour combination was an obvious choice. They remind me of turkey feathers though, anyone else? Just me?…

Autumn Streaks Nail Art

Halloween Streaks…

So I’ve seen this design all over the place, and thought it would be a good style to try in Halloween colours. It’s turned out quite garish yes? But not great because of 3 things:
1) It totally highlights the fact I need to practice my striping technique.
2) That that gray applies really patchy
3) I need to be more patient – look at that finger print! Classic case of ”Is that dry yet? No, definitely not…”

Halloween Streaks
The Serendipityidhuna blog did a really good ‘step by step’ tutorial. It’s super easy follow and to paint, yous should check it out!