Ropey Love…

So is the word ‘ropey’ just a British adjective or is it world wide thing? It’s used as in ‘that performance was a bit ropey’ – meaning it was a bit rubbish. I thought ‘Ropey Love’ was a great pun but then it dawned on me maybe everyone else would be like ‘whaaat?’.

Ropey Love Nail Art

Anyway, did you notice anything weird about my index finger? I’ve managed to slash through my nail in to my nail bed and there was no way I fancied painting and then removing the polish from it – I imagined stinging, some swearing, etc, etc. I couldn’t wait any longer to create something so I decided to paint a false nail and place it on top. Genius right!

FalseNail Cover up


Watermarbled Foil…

So I love using my foils to create a mash-up of colours! I don’t think I could bored of doing it as you get a different looking outcome each time. I then water marbled over the top of them using the coloured polish and topcoat combo to give the transparent sections. (Blob of colour, blob of topcoat, blob of colour, blob of topcoat, and so on then swish it all about). Looks pretty cool huh? And if you can’t stand the gif there’s a normal pic down the bottom!

Marbled Foil GIF
Marbling over foils


MiniManiMonth Water Marble…

So yup, still trying to get through all the polishes I got in my two Ciate Advent Calendars. I really liked both colours and would definitely wear/use them again. The purple is called ‘Talent Scout’ and it did apply a little thickly but smoothed out fine when I applied my top coat. (Usually I’m complaining about how thin the Ciate polishes are ha!) The coral, which appears a lot more pink rather than orange in reality, is called ‘Play Date’ and it applied really well – only one coat! My water marble wasn’t too hot, I had to do some patch jobs in places where I ended up with bubbles but I think I got away with it?.. I then applied a top coat and some studs because it was looking a little bland.

Ciate Water Marble