Comic Accents…

My last few Comic Book designs were a bit messy/top coat smudged/too much going on. This time I totally toned it down and just did a speech bubble accent nail. I like this look a lot better. I took inspiration from my WAH nail art book which has some comic book nails in it. I’d never thought of just doing ‘?!#’ those kind of things before, I’ve always tried to write words and that’s maybe why they’ve always been so untidy.

Comic Book Accent

Some Sick Camouflage…

And I don’t mean ‘Sick’ as in cool, I mean sick as in this colour combination actually made me feel a little queasy the more I looked at it. You have been warned! I’ll try this design again, using different colours….

My boyfriends Sister, gave me the WAHnails book of nail art for Christmas, and this was one the designs it included. So no doubt you’ll be seeing more attempts of WAHnail designs.

Sick Camouflage