Golden Romance…

So I created two more polishes using my supplies from Cosmic Glows, a duo called ‘Golden Romance’ – pretty gushy right. Fortunately ‘Golden’ can be worn pretty much any time of the year, whereas ‘Romance’ has a particularly romantic theme but hey.

Golden Romance Bottles
To create such a full look and a good coating of glitter, I sponged them on in layers: 4 in total – golden, romance, golden, romance and top coated in-between.

Golden+Romance Swatch
Look at this macro shot, they’re cool to do right? I see them a lot on Instagram.

Macro Shot Golden Romance
I then added some roses for some extra lovey-doveyness.  Please excuse my index finger it’s still injured, and I unfortunately managed to smudge the false nail because I had no patience to wait until it was dry when I was sticking it to my own nail.

Romance Roses
Here’s some more photos of the actual polishes: ‘Golden’ and then ‘Romance’.

Golden Nail Polish
Romance Nail Polish


Too pink?…

So pink is certainly not my default colour. Weirdly enough though, I actually own more nail polish in pink shades than any other. Anyway, with Valentines fast approaching (even though I am actually in a relationship, we don’t technically ‘celebrate’ it) it’s time for another themed design. I love the look of striping tape layered close together, I’ve done it once before in blue tones, and I had plenty of tape in pink to create the same effect. Ta da!

Unfortunately this is a little too pink for me, blergh…


Ropey Love…

So is the word ‘ropey’ just a British adjective or is it world wide thing? It’s used as in ‘that performance was a bit ropey’ – meaning it was a bit rubbish. I thought ‘Ropey Love’ was a great pun but then it dawned on me maybe everyone else would be like ‘whaaat?’.

Ropey Love Nail Art

Anyway, did you notice anything weird about my index finger? I’ve managed to slash through my nail in to my nail bed and there was no way I fancied painting and then removing the polish from it – I imagined stinging, some swearing, etc, etc. I couldn’t wait any longer to create something so I decided to paint a false nail and place it on top. Genius right!

FalseNail Cover up

Valentines 2015…

So here’s my nail wheel for this year! I’m happy that I managed to finish the whole wheel this year, last years was a bit of a disaster as I was lacking creativity. I am also pretty happy with how most of them turned out – that bunch of flowers though no no no no no. Favourite? I’d have to say ‘Love’, ‘XOXO’, and the chocolate coated strawberry.

Valentines Nail Wheel 2015
Valentines Nail Wheel 2015


Love Song…

So continuing with Valentines Nails, here are two birds singing a love song to each other! Boke, only a few more days until this mush is over. (It is kinda cute though, right?….) The blue is one of the new Barry M polish I got for Christmas, it’s from their Gelly Collection called ‘Elderberry’. I’d say it’s a cool, grey/blue which I very much like. I mattified the whole design purely because I’ve not done so in a while and the design seemed to suit matte.

Bird Song Nail Art

MiniManiMonth Simple Hearts…

So for this simple design. I used ‘Ivory Queen’ for the base, two coats, it’s a very gentle peach, with a slight shimmer of gold.  I must say I think it’s a colour I could wear on my nails without feeling the need to add any ‘art’, it’s a warm enough nude colour to not make me look ill (as so many other nude colours do) and also interesting enough for me not to get bored. The hearts are painted with ‘Knickerbockerglory’, how about that for a mouth full! A very bright pink which I’m sure would make an amazing base colour.

Simple Heart Nail Art
Simple Heart Nail Art

Valentines Blobicure…

So this is my second entry into a Valentines Nail Art Competition. Those letters were super tricky, remember I only use polish, so ‘o’s and highlights were pretty hellish. I’m happy with how these turned out!

Valentines Blobicure Nail Art
Valentines Blobicure Nail Art

Valentines Nail Wheel…

So I’m still not really in the mood for nail art! How terrible. But it’s Valentines day, so who couldn’t paint some themed nail art. To be honest though, they aren’t very loved up looking. Some of them even look suitable for Mothers day… I dislike the majority of them but I’d certainly like to try a few of the techniques again. Sorry or being in such a strange mood! I feel as if I’ve went backwards in my painting/creativity. Anyone agree? Below is this years (2014) and then the photo after that are my designs from last year (2013). What’s wrong with me!

Valentines Nail Art Wheel 2014

Valentines Nail Art 2013