Zoo Date 2…

So we attended Edinburgh Zoo’s ‘Summer Nights’ last night. (It’s an adult only event, after normal opening hours, and there’s street food trucks and alcohol tents scattered around the zoo.) Unfortunately the weather wasn’t quite as kind as last year; it was colder, cloudier and windier and I even had to walk around with a jacket on. It was still a super night, it’s great just to walk around the zoo without getting stampeded by kids, it’s a lot quieter, and it’s nice to be able to have (for example) an alcoholic bubble tea whilst munching a Nutella crepe!

Anyway, it was important that my nails were matching the event so I took inspiration from the poster. You’re not allowed to dress up or wear face paint in case you scare the animals (even though you can get your face painted at the zoo for a price…) but I decided that my eye make-up could be totally tigress too!



Glitter Tiger…

Yes yes, tiger print’s pretty boring but there’s just something about it that makes me want to paint it all the time! (Probably because it’s easy to do). I mixed two glitters together to get this base as my ‘orange’ is more pink so I added yellow. And I really need to get a new black, my Barry M stuff just seems to gloop up so quick. Any brand suggestions?

Nail sponged gradient…

Sorry for the lack of posts guys, I’ve actually been away on holiday.

Before I left I tried my hand at sponging a gradient after being inspired by a post Solveig on her blog Nailin’ it!. I then added some tiger stripes. I don’t think I like it in the blue, so I’ll have to definately have to have another go!