Zoo Date 2…

So we attended Edinburgh Zoo’s ‘Summer Nights’ last night. (It’s an adult only event, after normal opening hours, and there’s street food trucks and alcohol tents scattered around the zoo.) Unfortunately the weather wasn’t quite as kind as last year; it was colder, cloudier and windier and I even had to walk around with a jacket on. It was still a super night, it’s great just to walk around the zoo without getting stampeded by kids, it’s a lot quieter, and it’s nice to be able to have (for example) an alcoholic bubble tea whilst munching a Nutella crepe!

Anyway, it was important that my nails were matching the event so I took inspiration from the poster. You’re not allowed to dress up or wear face paint in case you scare the animals (even though you can get your face painted at the zoo for a price…) but I decided that my eye make-up could be totally tigress too!



Tigers do like Water…

So I bought some water decals, but never really got round to using them. The usual story ae! This weekend I decided to make time for them specifically seeing as I missed a post this week (whoops). I love them. They’re so fun and easy to use, and I think they look really good. I bought mine from ‘at your fingertips nailart design’ on Ebay – they weren’t too expensive, postage is very fair and they have a great selection.

The decals themselves took seconds to apply, you literally just soak them in water until they start sliding off then plonk them on your nails and dry off the excess water. They were great because you could re-position them before securing them for real , they weren’t as delicate as I was expecting either – I could touch them and tweezers them and they never crinkled or tore. My base coats drying time was what held me up rather than the decals themselves. And I use Save the Nails 45 seconds top coat which is super true to its name. The decal sheet had lots on it, so you can really get good use from them by using them in different designs. Over-all, excellent and enjoyable!

Tiger Water Decals