Textured Blobicure…

So because I enjoyed ‘blobicuring’ so much, I decided to try it again except this time with textured polishes – just to see if they would act differently, which they didn’t… But never mind, I think they turned out well though, even if they are more sparkly in reality.

(The textured polishes I used were Barry M ‘Countess’ and ‘Majesty’.)

Textured Blobicure


So I’m maybe a little bit late with the textured craze, but I was really in the mood to paint another nail wheel. I found all the different textures came really easily compared to actual painted designs, and I reckon I could of even had a few more! Some are daft and impractical, others a bit ugly, a few a bit boring and the most are certainly wearable. Any favourites? Mines are the blue dotty one, the yellow with the pearls and the pink with the diamonds – all quite tame ones!

Textures nail wheel


So I’m using two more of my new Barry M polishes – matte polish ‘crush’ and textured polish ‘princess’. (I actually wanted to call the post something like ‘Crushed Princess’ but thought that was a bit sick) I’ve not done a print in a while and thought these two would work well together as tiger. I think they create an interesting contrast with each other.

I had to put a pink base coat on (Barry M – ‘Peach Melba’) as the textures are quite pale/sheer and would probably need a lot of coats to actually show their bottle colour. And as always, the glitter is so much nicer in reality.

Pink Tigress

Matte and Textured…

So I had to bite the bullet and try out the textured polishes, it is rough but not unbearable! Yaaay! Looking at the viscosity of the textured polishes, I reckoned it they would be quite a thin polish needing a few coats. I had the idea to layer ‘Lady’ on top of the matte ‘Espresso’. ‘Lady’ is actually a lovely snow white, but came out more silver which was nice! I did like that accent nail, but then thought it looked a little odd, so had to even it up a little. But then the matte looked odd because it was on top of the texture – it’s darker and rough (which was to be expected…). SIGH!

Matte and Texture2