Teal Tartan…

So I went with some stamped nail art today as I didn’t have much time for anything else. (I was  spending most of my time today printing my new bag design which I’ll reveal next week!) The tartan/plaid image is from a BornPrettyStore stamping plate, unfortunately they no longer seem to sell it, and I paired it with a Models Own polish named ‘Teal’.

Teal Tartan Nail Art.

Deep Sea Tartan…

So is there a difference between ‘tartan’ and ‘plaid’? I wasn’t quite sure what title these nails should come under so I went with Tartan, because well I’m Scottish and it seemed more natural. Anyway, this style of nail art seems to be a trend right now so I thought I’d hop on and join in. I’m using ‘Deep Sea’ from Models Own Hyper-Gel ‘Twilight’ collection, which I won after being selected as a runner up. The hyper-gels are lovely – so thick and glossy and they have great coverage.

So who’s yet to try out this style? And more importantly is it ‘plaid’ or ‘tartan’? Help me.

HyperGel Deep Sea Plaid Nails
I normally use my thumb as my ‘practice’ nail which is why it’s never included in shots as it usually ends up in a bit of a mess. However, annoyingly this time I felt that my thumb actually turned out the best….

Plaid, Tartan Nail Art
So who’s yet to try out this style? And more importantly is it ‘plaid’ or ‘tartan’? Help me.

Tartan Toes…

So here are my toes (Yeah I have ‘Morton’s Toe’!)  for the #prettypediprojectuk that’s running over on Instagram. Of course, because I’m of the hosts this is an ‘example post’ – I won’t be entered to win or anything but I thought it would be good to get the ball rolling. And also to show people toes aren’t anything to be scared of! I don’t get why people find them so ‘gross’. Will you be joining in?


OMD2 – Day 29 National Pride…

So for some Scottish people what I’ve painted on this nail wheel might be totally cringey, but for myself – I love that kind of stuff. I went for Scotland instead of ‘Great Britain’ as I feel I can’t ever think of anything actually ‘British’. Red Buses, Black Cabs, Tea, Big Ben, etc etc – they’re all London themed really! I’ve always been curious as to how other people define ‘Britain’ through food/landmarks/etc? Or even Scotland for that matter!
Also, I realised Irn Bru, Haggis and a Midge might be totally unknown – so if anyone’s got any questions ask away!

National Pride

Tartan Nails…

So I hardly ever go clothes shopping (I go nail varnish shopping more!), and I hardly ever wear dresses, but I really fell in love with a tartan dress. We were out in Edinburgh for a birthday pub crawl and I couldn’t resist wearing it – even though it was kinda cheesy to have worn it there, seeing as it’s tourist central with it being the capital. My nails had to match! Proper tartan is hard to re-create, so this was as close as I could get…

Tartan Nail Art