Dolly Mixture…

So I’ve not played with my Fimo for ages, mainly because I have a lovely large desk but currently no chair to sit on – we’re in a new house and I’ve yet to find THE chair, it needs to be perfect for all my needs. Therefore I do my nails and other work sitting on the sofa, naughty me, we don’t even have a ‘coffee table’, I do it all on a lap tray…
Fimo is dangerous , I have never wanted to risk accidentally staining the fabric with a dropped piece of fimo. (If you’ve ever use it, you’ll know just how bad that stuff stains everything.)

However I took the risk! My brothers girlfriend is having a ‘Sweetie’ themed birthday party, so I knew I wanted to make her a fimo dolly mixture bracelet. It was the obvious choice as the shapes are easy to make and I had all the colours without the need to blend. How ‘sweet’ did it turn out? HAHAHAHA….

Fimo Dolly Mixture Bracelet
Fimo Dolly Mixture Bracelet

Wrist Shot 1

Pre-baking Fimo
Pre-baked Fimo
Pre Baked Fimo
Dolly Mixture Fimo on Silver Plated Bracelet