Simple Simon…

So I wasn’t up for much nail art today, instead going for some very simple stud placement. Yawn, moving on…



ModelsOwn: Daisy…

So after using studs* from BornPrettyStore in the OMD3 Challenge, I thought I’d try and do the same to create daisies inspired by the earrings the model is wearing.

They didn’t turn out quite as pretty, mainly because I forgot the caviar bead ring which helps tidy it up a little, but I suppose I achieved what I was aiming for – a daisy. Seeing as the studs are actually multi-coloured, I had to paint them white which is why they look a little gloopy too. If I had taken more time, it would have looked better – however they are a little impractical to wear and I knew I’d be taking them off immediately


OMD3 – Day 4 Black and Gold…

So I actually like the colour combination of black and gold so it was easy to think of something to do. My nail tape was more gold in appearance before the top coat application, I’m not sure what happened. Weird chemical reactions!

OMD3 Day 4 Black and Gold

BornPrettyStore: Multicoloured Mixed Studs…

So next up for review are these mixed, multicoulour studs. Yeah I know, I previously said that studs were quite a boring thing to review but when I saw the amazing colours I knew immediately I wanted to sprinkle them all over my nails!

Born Pretty Studs

The little tub is fantastic – it contains 3 shapes and 11 colours which you just can’t get in a regular nail wheel. Yes you have to fish for them but I found tipping some out made the process of picking them up so much easier.

Colourful Studs

In the tub you get;
Circles – dark blue, light blue, light purple and dark purple.
Squares – dark pink, light pink, green, yellow/green.
Rounded rhombus – peach, orange, light green, yellow.

The backs are slightly concave, and they’re small enough to sit flat on even my most curved nails. With a top coat added they don’t stick out or catch on anything, thank goodness!

Underbelly of studs
Side View of studs
I think they’re going to be really useful for bright summer designs, and they even pop on just plain black. The one tub gives such a fantastic range of studs for such great value that I’d recommend them to anyone who has the patience to do the fishing out.

If you fancy trying them out, remember to use my code ‘AZYW10’ which will get you 10% off any full priced items at the BornPrettyStore checkout!


Second Attempt…

So I think this came out a lot better than my first attempt. It’s such a fun technique, seeing the polish freak out after you spray it and just seeing what kind of patterns appear. I love it! I’ve also been informed that it’s called ‘Water Spotting’ which sounds way better.

Studded Black and Silver Spray Marble

Summer Sprinkles…

So I totally shouldn’t be spending money on nail varnish at the moment but… I’ve had my eye on this Claire’s accessories confetti polish (even though they’re calling it a glitter polish) for ages and I gave in and bought it… It’s been so sunny lately – it’s lovely! So this design is perfectly weather appropriate, being cheery and bright.

The only studs I have are metallic coloured which didn’t suit the look I was aiming for. So I just painted them first, let them dry then applied as normal!

Summer Sprinkles