My mum attempts nail foiling…

So I’ve not painted my mums nails in a while and was in a foiling mood. I panted her nails first, and then thought it would be fun to let her foil mines.(A funny) Mistake. She couldn’t remember where she’d put glue, she sort of crept up on the nail foil and surprised it by squishing it down hard onto my nails, she was putting the glue on too thick etc etc. Even though she’d just seen me do it, and I was trying to instruct her. So my mums attempt came out pretty hilariously bad, but I think she enjoyed giving it a go.

My own nails, done painted by my mum, notice the ‘interesting’ designs;

Mums Nail Foil Nail Art
And my mums nails painted by me. I didn’t really like the silver combination but;

Stiped Foil Nail Art

Foil Stripes…

So I maybe did this one the wrong way round. I painted a black base, taped off areas and then applied foil glue in between. I added my foils (I decided on just blue, green and silver) and then peeled off the tape. Afterwards I noticed the foils had missing patches, etc etc and I was like ‘Heeey, wait a minute’… I think if I had a foil base and then painted on top, it would have resulted in cleaner lines and maybe better looking foiling! I’m so backwards sometimes… duuurrr. Also my top coat seemed to pick up shiny bits from the foils and dragged them everywhere, meaning in reality it looks like a shimmer black! It looks kinda cool so I’m not too peeved.

Foil Striped Nail Art

Easter Eggs…

So it’s almost Easter time. I always seem to paint striped easter eggs, so boring! But here they are anyway. Also I have a new top coat and it was seriously dragging, I tried to do a clean up job with acetone before it set but it’s still kinda noticeable. Never mind… They’re fun and bright and include glitter so they’re bound to cheer everyone up! Happy Easter!

Easter Egg Nail Art

Peacock Feathers…

So I haven’t cracked out my feather polish in a while. It was one of those ‘That would be cool to try. I’ve tried it now, it looks kinda cool but I don’t know how to use it for nail art so I’ve forgotten about it’ polishes. I paired it with one of my favourite colours – an ancient No17 polish named ‘Peacock’. (Meaning it should have probably went in the bin a while ago, but does nail polish really go off?…).
Again, sorry for it being so simple. I just really haven’t been in the mood for anything too time consuming or intricate. Doesn’t everyone feel like that at this time of year though ae!

Feathered Peacock

Autumnal Streaks…

So I’ve done this design before as a Halloween theme but I’m really into wearing autumnal colours just now (I wonder why, it’s not like it’s November and everything is all oranges and browns at the moement…) so the colour combination was an obvious choice. They remind me of turkey feathers though, anyone else? Just me?…

Autumn Streaks Nail Art

Fun and French Tip…

So my two friends wanted their nails done (they’re twins!). Charlotte had seen a design she liked where every nail had alternating colours and different designs. She determined what was going to be on each nail so it was nice to just paint them without thinking too much. I think it’s quite a fun looking design and in-keeping with current fashions.

Random Nail Art
Catherine requested a French tip. Now I’ve never done a french tip, usually because I’m always doing something nail ‘arty’ so I was pretty nervous. She’d done well to grow her nails long, but by sods law had broken her index finger the day before so I didn’t quite know what to do when it came to that one. I was pleased with the result – if you looked closely enough you could see some wobbles but sshhh and upon reflection of the photo, I wish I’d filed her nails to more even shapes.

French Tip Nail Art
They also had fun choosing a hand pose. My mum does an ‘over-lap’, Charlotte quite likes her ‘octopus’, and Catherine has never had her nails done by me before so went for ‘lobster claw’. Does anyone else have a favourite pose? I used to do ‘claw fingers’ before changing to ‘paw hand’.