BornPrettyStore: Peacock Powder…

So today I’m going to show you some ‘Peacock Holo Powder‘ in option LG-04 (sent to me by BornPrettyStore). But if you follow me on Instagram this’ll be no surprise as you’ve already had a sneak peak at it!

Peacock Powder Packaging

The powder comes in a screw-cap tub within a little bag, and at first I was shocked by how little there was – I genuinely thought it hadn’t been filled properly. But! Upon looking again at the description it does state 0.2g so actually that’s about right.

You will need a no-wipe gel top coat to be able to use this powder as it won’t ‘stick’ to normal polish. I gave mine top coat 25 seconds curing time leaving it just very slightly tacky but safe enough to touch without leaving marks. It is also suggested that the powder be applied on top of black polish so that’s what I did.

Black Base Coat

It’s beautifully smooth and a little goes a long way, I can see why 0.2g is a perfectly acceptable amount now. I can also understand why it’s full description is ‘Peacock Holographic Chameleon Mirror Chrome Powder‘, what a mouthful right BUT LOOK AT THOSE COLOURS! It displays all of those qualities;

Black Base Peacock Powder
Black Base Peacock Powder Shade shift
I decided to test it on a lighter colour and it still works perfectly well! It gives it a slightly different under tone. (To reiterate just make sure you’re applying the powder to a no-wipe gel polish or regular polish that’s been gel top coated.) Unlike other chrome powders I’ve tried, this one is very easy to control. It’s not as messy in it’s application meaning it doesn’t end up sticking to your skin or cuticles – no clean up, no latex barrier bonus!

Different Base Colour
Black VS Pink Base Coat

I chose to top coat the powder with my usual, Seche Vite, which has a terrible habit of melting metalics, foils and chromes but it did an amazing job at staying strong. If anything top coating the powder made it sparkle and holo even more, you can’t deny that that shine ^ is awesome.

For one last test I chose to use a blue base. I think you could have a lot of fun trailing this powder on loads of different colours, and I don’t think any of them would come out dissapointing. Has anyone else used this powder, what were your results?

Blue Base Peacock Powder.jpg

I really could have sat and looked at my nails all day. The ‘Peacock Powder‘ is amazing and it looks exactly as it’s described. At first the 0.2g may seem disappointing but a little goes a long way, it applies well and it’s at a very reasonable price.

LOOK AT THOSE COLOURS! (But ignore the fluff, whoops…)

Gridwork Nail Art Peacock Powder.jpg

If you’d like to try this product or anything else from BornPrettyStore, use my code AZYW10 to receive 10% off any full priced items in your order.



New Year 2017…

So it’s almost a new year! I know that 2016 hasn’t been kind to many  of my personal friends, and I understand there has been a lot of celebrity death, as well as events that people felt very strongly towards either way like Trump being elected and Brexit, but to be honest it was an okay year for me. Of course, it’s always exciting to look forward to a new one and I know there are some awesome things lined up for me (I’m not sharing yet, it’s a surprise!) so let’s go!

Happy New Year guys!


Stripes and Spookies…

So this is a little more cutsie and fun than my previous Halloween design. The little spookies are nail stickers that I bought a few years ago from a shop called ‘Wilkos’. They turned a bit wrinkly in the middle once top coated, but at least their edges didn’t curl or stick up.


Zoo Date 2…

So we attended Edinburgh Zoo’s ‘Summer Nights’ last night. (It’s an adult only event, after normal opening hours, and there’s street food trucks and alcohol tents scattered around the zoo.) Unfortunately the weather wasn’t quite as kind as last year; it was colder, cloudier and windier and I even had to walk around with a jacket on. It was still a super night, it’s great just to walk around the zoo without getting stampeded by kids, it’s a lot quieter, and it’s nice to be able to have (for example) an alcoholic bubble tea whilst munching a Nutella crepe!

Anyway, it was important that my nails were matching the event so I took inspiration from the poster. You’re not allowed to dress up or wear face paint in case you scare the animals (even though you can get your face painted at the zoo for a price…) but I decided that my eye make-up could be totally tigress too!


Essential Nails Design 3…

So this design was surprisingly challenging. I found it tricky to be confident enough to do a smooth, tapering sweep as I started off too wobbly and shy. I was also finding it tricky to sweep from left bottom corner to top right as I’m left handed, therefore I couldn’t get the correct wrist action going on. Once I started to sweep right bottom corner to top left I started to find it much easier. However I’m not sure if that counts as copying the design correctly, I mean technically it’s the same, but flipped which means it isn’t the same… eeeekk.

Design3 Striping

Gilded Anchor…

So this design was really simple to do, but I think it looks really effective! I used nail foil glue and some gold foil to create the golden stripes and an Anchor Charm from Born Pretty Store. I attached it with just Seche Vite but it’s quite a thick charm and doesn’t sit anywhere near flat so I had to ensure I got the polish all in around it to guarantee it would stay stuck. (I’ve actually had these on from Saturday, and the anchor is still there!)

Gilded Anchor
Anchor Charm

Too pink?…

So pink is certainly not my default colour. Weirdly enough though, I actually own more nail polish in pink shades than any other. Anyway, with Valentines fast approaching (even though I am actually in a relationship, we don’t technically ‘celebrate’ it) it’s time for another themed design. I love the look of striping tape layered close together, I’ve done it once before in blue tones, and I had plenty of tape in pink to create the same effect. Ta da!

Unfortunately this is a little too pink for me, blergh…


Autumn Blanket…

So this design was actually inspired by my recent trip to Glasgow. We were on a sushi and cinema date, but what caught my eye were all the amazing shop displays for their Autumn Collections. I can’t remember exactly what shop I saw this colour palette in, as it amalgamated with all the Mexican blanket-esk things I was seeing along the way – resulting in an ‘I’m a bit squiggly as I was done free-hand’ design.


Striping Tape Sea…

So I’ve never seen striping tape applied the way Cubbiful has on her Instagram – I immediately thought ‘I want to try that!’ and therefore did. I chose to change the colour pallet to hopefully look like less of a copy cat… Even though they were beautiful as they were, I added some pearls and Sea-Creature Water Decals* from BornPrettyStore anyway. I think it turned out really cute! Next time I do something like that with striping tape, I’m going to go for an ombre I reckon!

P.S what a difference the application of cuticle cream makes huh! I’ve never had a sort of ‘before and after’ photo to compare but wow.

MiniManiMonth ‘Boudoir’…

So I was going to do a santa costume for this colour, it was just that kind of red, but thought that was too obvious. I then decided to to a ‘twist’ on Candy Canes by using negative nail space. I don’t quite know if that concept worked, they’re pretty removed from candy canes, but I think it looks cool anyway. I’ve ran out of striping tape so all those lines were hand painted, a little wobbly but not that bad!

Candy Cane