5 steps of how not to stamp…

So I had a really bad nail day at the weekend. I was going round to a friends house for drinks and dinner, and was really excited to paint my nails. I was wearing an orange dress and some black and white dog-tooth leggings – I wear the leggings quite a lot so had specifically bought a stamping plate that included the pattern. I was going for a mix and match design for my nails – orange from my dress, pattern from the leggings and it was going to look awesome. Maybe I wanted it to work too much, maybe I rushing, maybe I wasn’t in the right frame of mind, but for whatever reason it just didn’t work out.

So here’s a handy guide on how not to stamp;

Step 1: After applying your base colour, remain patient. Do not be so heavy handed whilst conducting a ‘test touch’ that it actually results in accidental polish removal.

Step 2: Pay attention to your picked up image. If it doesn’t work or doesn’t look whole – do not continue regardless. Stop and try again, this will ensure the images are bold and beautiful on all nails.

Step 3: I reiterate step 2 of paying attention to the image on the stamper. If the image has not transferred well do not try to re-stamp on top to strengthen the image as it will just result in a mess.

Step 4: PAY ATTENTION TO THE IMAGE ON THE STAMPER! (This appears to be the main lesson for today.) I mean really, it’s not that hard to place an image on straight. Have a look at the image and then adjust your angle of the stamper accordingly – this should result in your image being stamped with the correct orientation.

Step 5: Apply topcoat and be more careful upon cleaning up. Do not be hasty or clumsy with the acetone soaked cotton-bud as this could (and did) result in partial design removal. Make sure you’re only cleaning up the unwanted stuff.

How not to stamp
I hope this step-by-step guide on how not to stamp has been helpful. Fortunately my night was much better than my nail art!