Bubbles in the Stream…

So this is a design I did a while back but wasn’t happy with the photo. It’s a little out of focus so I held it back from being published. However, I’ve not really had time to paint anything new so I’ve dusted off it’s cobwebs.

I think it looks like bubbles in a stream? Or maybe when a male Betta Splendens blows a bubble nest? I’m honestly not on drugs or anything…

Bubbles In the Stream


Autumnal Butterflies…

So these are some more BornPrettyStore water decals, I love using them because they’re so easy to use and give such a fantastic result. I’ve used the blue butterflies like twice – here and here, so decided to buy another colour. I think they’re quite autumnal colours which maybe aren’t so suitable for this time of year but… I put them on top of some subtle, almost non-existent, leafy stamping and then added some gold flakes for some bling bling!

If you haven’t yet checked out BornPrettyStore I really urge you to do so, at first I was like ‘Oh no, a cheap Chinese supplier which will no doubt supply bad items and postage charges’ but I could not have been more wrong. Yes their items are cheap, but the quality is amazing – so much so I have stopped buying my nail art supplies from eBay. Shipping is free regardless of how much you order! As I’m in Scotland postage can be slow but my orders have always arrived within three weeks. They sell a huge range of items, jewellery, nail art, beauty, home items, etc – I’m a stationary fiend and always manage to pick up more than a few cute items. Just go check them out already!

AND incase you think I’m getting paid by them or I’ve sold my soul to them to say these things, I honestly haven’t. Every now and then they’ll send me free items to review which I mark with a ‘ * ‘, everything else I’ve bought myself. Incase you think this compromises my integrity – I’m not scared to say when something hasn’t worked for me, for example the whole sheet water decal I used for my Jellyfish nails so there!

Orange Butterfly Decals Nail Art
Orange Butterfly Decas BPS
Butterfly Decals with Strawberry Plant

Hoppy Easter…

So everyone knows I love a cheesy pun, sorry. This rabbit wasn’t hand painted – it was actually stamped off of a Born Pretty Store plate which you can find here. I’m starting to really enjoy stamping! I don’t think it will ever be my ‘thing’ though but I can still dabble in it right?

I feel that the yellow should have been more pastel, but I didn’t have such a shade, I think it’s a little over bearing and distracting. Even white would have worked! Hindsight is such a wonderful thing though.

Easter Egg Bunny