Rubber Ring…

So at work during the weekend, we held a ‘Water Safety’ event to teach children and parents about the dangers of different bodies of water, simple rescue techniques and what to do should they fall in. It’s important to do at any time of the year but especially so with summer coming up; unattended pools on foreign holidays, warmer weather enticing people for a quick dip, days cycling beside the canals and so on.

One of the things that scare me the most however are rubber rings. And I’m not even joking here. Parents place their young children in to them to float about, giving them a free pass to leave their kids unattended safe in the knowledge their children are floating, unable to drown. WRONG! There’s several (reported/filmed) cases of the child flipping them over, ending up upside down, legs in the air, submerged in the water unable to right themselves. It’s an issue that really worries me as a swimming teacher. There is no easy answer to looking after children in a swimming pool, you must be watching over them and get them learning to swim as soon as possible. This is a horrific video, and even though I have no kids myself, it really makes me squirm. I highly recommend watching it as it’s such a horribly, perfect example.

Rubber Ring Nail Art .png


Ocean Depths…

So even though the whole ‘mermaid’/’seaside’ nail trend is (or was?) very much a thing, I think it has too much of a summer vibe for it to feel right at this time of year. Therefore instead of going all breezy and beachy, I went for moody and mysterious. I couldn’t tell if I’d made it too busy with silver everything on top of silver spray marble, however after wearing it for a few days I actually like how busy yet subtle it is. You don’t immediately notice the shell or the starfish; I like how this imitates the feeling of when you’re looking into an actual rock pool and even though you’re seeing everything, you’re not really noticing anything and it’s only until you start to relax and re-focus that you notice the crab hiding in the corner or the starfish slowly walking across the sand. Anyone else?

The ‘3D Ocean Decorations‘ are from BornPrettyStore , and they are currently (02/12/15) on sale at only $2.76! If you add anything else to your order which happens not to be on sale, you can use my code ‘AZYW10’ to get 10% off all your full priced items. Have you tried the ‘mermaid’ look yet?



Studded Spotting…

So I just love this technique! ‘Water Spotting’ is super easy – fill a little tub of water, drop some polish in, spray some perfume onto it, dip your nails in and voila! I’m not sure why I chose this colour combination, I don’t think it works particularly well actually. I then added some studs just to liven it up a little.

Water Spotting and Studs
Water Spotting and Studs


So I don’t actually mind spiders and unfortunately I don’t really understand people who are, it’s a bit silly – they’re only wee spiders! Mind you, I’m lucky to live in a country where they never get big, I think if I was to be confronted with a truly large spider I’d maybe be having second thoughts on catching it to throw it out the window.

Anyway, I thought it would be cool to use the ‘water spotted’ or ‘spray marble’ technique as that gives a sort of webby look already. I then topped it with an actual spider web, and I really like how it turned out!

SpiderWeb Nail Art

Second Attempt…

So I think this came out a lot better than my first attempt. It’s such a fun technique, seeing the polish freak out after you spray it and just seeing what kind of patterns appear. I love it! I’ve also been informed that it’s called ‘Water Spotting’ which sounds way better.

Studded Black and Silver Spray Marble

First attempt at ‘Spray Marble’…

So I always kind of fancied trying this technique, it was around for ages but then it kind of died off and unfortunately I’ve forgotten it’s name.  I tried to Google it and the best I could come up with is ‘Spray Marble’? Anybody else know what it’s called? It’s the technique of plopping some polish into water, then sprayed it with some perfume or something to make it split up, etc.

I wasn’t so impressed with my first try, it didn’t look as amazing as other peoples results, but it was kinda fun! Maybe the blue polish wasn’t the best to use, you know how some polishes work better than others in water? So I’m going to give it another go. Also I’ve broken my nails again, look how short my index and middle nails are, bleurgh. Seriously though, my index nail just doesn’t seem to grow as well as the others or as strong, does anyone else have one ‘problem’ nail?

Spray Marble Nail Art