Holo’ween Spookies…

So believe it or not that silver looking polish is actually a holo top coat – doesn’t really look that impressive but trust me it does shine and shift in reality. I ‘dry brush’ applied it after I’d painted the spookies to give them that sort of shrouded in mist look that every ghoul wants to achieve at this time of year.

Holoween Spookies2


Halloween Wheel 2015…

So here’s my Halloween Nail Art ideas for this year! I hand painted every nail, except from the red centipedes and black spiders which were stamped. My personal faves are probably the melted ice-cream looking ghost, and I’m pretty proud of that pumpkin too. The one I’m most disappointed with is the ‘toffee apple’, who knows what it looks like without being told! What’s your faves from my wheel?


Midnight Graveyard…

So this is my first Halloween themed nail art, yaaaay! I just don’t feel spooky. I know some people will judge but I’ve skipped right on to being excited about Christmas, not because I don’t like Halloween it just feels as if it’s not happening this year or something. Our house ‘Halloween’ party isn’t until the 15th of November, but even that’s not going to be spooky as it’s been conjoined with my fancy dress birthday party which is ‘Tropical Island Theme’ and our ‘House Warming’ (even though we’ve been in the house literally months, whoops!)

Anyway,I don’t think I’ve ever painted a graveyard scene so thought it would be a good idea to start with. I decided to make it quite subtle, using sponged purples, glitter coat and then a dark, navy blue for the shadows. I like it!

Midnight Graveyard


So tomorrow is October, and I love dressing up for Halloween. I’ve been itching to do some nail art, so here is my first design! Instead of doing pumpkin faces, which I did last year, I thought gargoyles are kinda spooky. I tried to create a stone look by using a rough sponge to mix gray, black and white polishes together – giving a mottled, textured effect. Yeah? No? Then I drew on the faces using a nail pen.

Gargoyle Nail Art