Sprinkling of Spring Flowers…

So my index nail has kind of recovered, but it’s still a horrendous shape. At least I know it’s growing and I didn’t do much, if any, permanent damage to it. As the weather has been quite sunny lately, and my tulips and daffodils have started to grow in the garden, I decided to crack out my tiny dried flowers for this design. I think they’re really cute and delicate, even though they’re a bit of a pain to work with; bits end up everywhere, some of them crumble to dust, sometimes they don’t lie flush and so on.

It looks a lot prettier in person as the photo didn’t really pick up the glitter, booo.

Sprinkling of Spring Flowers


No more counting sheep…

So we just got a new bed and it is bliss… Before I would honestly lie awake for ages because I was so uncomfortable in it. To let you understand we moved in to our house two years ago and the bed came from my boyfriends – it was totally in his ‘shape’ which meant he had a tendency to gravitate towards the middle dip in the bed leaving me to teeter on the edge, not to mention it was also 11 years old, ew. I managed to moan about it so much he got tired of it persuade him in to buying a new one, and it’s amazing. No more counting sheep for me!

Own up guys, how old are all your beds?

Sleepy Sheepy Nail Art
I really like my smooshy, dream cloud base that I created for them so photographed that too. I used 6 different polishes – 2 pinks, 2 purples, 1 pearlescent topper and a glitter topper. Phew…



Spiders at the Disco…

So why do Halloween nails need to be doom and gloom? I’ve decided to go for a neon splodge decorated with spiders. The spiders are stamped (except my friend on the wall) from the plate I received in the ‘lucky bag‘ I purchased for $0.99. I actually quite like creepy crawlies so the fact it had snails, centipedes and spiders on it didn’t bother me, so I reckon it actually was a lucky bag for me.

Spider Friend
(Please excuse the colour of my fingers, I’m not quite sure what’s went wrong as I am not currently sun-burnt and the lack of clean up – rookie mistake.) I used to avoid stamping with black, due to the fact the polishes I own didn’t seem to pack the punch black should. So I decided to order Konad Black and boy has it changed my stamping life! I am no longer scared to stamp in black, look how vibrant and bold and punchy those spiders are! For the sake of being fair, in-case you think I’m talking out my bottom, I did a little comparison test… The results speak for themselves really! What black polish do you use to stamp with?


Garlic Netting Snake Skin…

So I’ve seen a few tutorials about where you use food netting as a kind of stencil to create a reptilian pattern. I tried it with some netting that came off my garlic bulbs as I felt that it had the Goldilocks of weaves – not too large not too small. As this was still an experiment, a few things did go wrong therefore I didn’t quite nail it. The things I have learned from my trial are as follows;
– Don’t over load your sponge, I sometimes had too much polish on my sponge meaning it ran under the netting losing the pattern (most noticeable on my ring finger).
– Make sure the netting is secure. I used masking tape to attach it to my fingers but I don’t think this was sticky enough,  it lifted up eventually resulting in a lost pattern (combined with too much polish made for a bad result..)
– Be careful of how you place the netting on each nail. As my netting was stretchy and  expandable, I ended up with inconsistencies in my pattern shape. As you can see it was sometimes more rhombus shaped, or squiggly wiggly. (That ring finger really was a fail…)

Over-all it wasn’t too bad for a first attempt, but I would like a re-sit please.


She Sells Sea Shells…

So do you ever get one of those designs where you think ‘if only hadn’t put that other shell on, or positioned it in a slightly different way’… This is exactly one of those design, the long trumpet shell on my middle finger is just wrong and it’s bugging me.

I created a sponged base, then reverse stamped the shells, added individual specks of gold glitter using my thin brush and viola! And I really do love the design over all, I think it’s really pretty and I keep looking at it, but that trumpet shell….


Drip drip drop little April shower…

So, I don’t think I actually need to point it out, but it’s April. Say whaaat, where are the months going? It’s frightening. It’s been terrible weather; rain, snow, sleet, hailstones, gale force winds so when it came to painting my nails I wanted to do something related. I chose a sponge base and then just simple black over the top, although upon reflection I kinda wished I’d went for a lovely dark blue to make it a little different and more reflective of the weather which was my initial inspiration, rather than just dripping tar or something.

Dripping Nail Art
Dripping Nail Art

Blue Ombre on Ombre…

So I’ve painted green and pink ombre on ombres now here’s a blue one! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I did a few sketches which I’m just trying to work my way through. Nothing more to say about it really!

Blue Ombre on Ombre
Blue Ombre on Ombre

TTNC – ‘Water Reeds’…

So this is another design just using three polishes chosen by my boyfriend. He didn’t think much about this one

“They look like reeds.”

And that was it, a man of few words today! But to be fair, I saw like an underwater kelp garden or something so we were pretty close.

Water Reeds

Tip Top Nails Competition – ‘Pond Water’…

So Tip Top Nails are holding an international nail art competition. You have to do a design with an accent nail using only use three polishes, here comes the twist, chosen by a male in your life. How fun! The other few rules are that stamping is discouraged as they want to see skills, and no acrylic paint! Which is awesome as I don’t yet use acrylic paint. One entry per person and it closes on 31st August. Check it out!

I let my boyfriend chose the polishes, these were his choices. I was like ‘Ooohh dear…’ – two are pretty samey, one’s my favourite polish which I use all the time, and the sinful colors green stains!  Eeep!

Stevens Picks

With me having plenty of time to pick a design for the contest, I thought it would be good fun to do a whole week of designs just using those three colours, then decide which one I’m actually going to submit. As an added extra I’m also letting my boyfriend name the design. I obviously know what I’m going for but it might be quite interesting to see what he sees.  Here’s what he said about this one;

“It looks a bit like planet earth, like looking down from space because the lighter bits look like clouds.”

Therefore, what did he call it? ‘Pond water’…. Which didn’t relate to what he’d just told me, but it was cool because that’s what I saw. I sort of saw this underwater scene with the sponged nails, so added a mermaid-esk accent nail.

Pond Water

OMD2 – Day 4 Bright…

So I stayed away from neons this time after my disastrous first attempt. I used two of my favourite polishes a passed limited edition 17 polish ‘Pink Grapefruit’ and a Barry M in ‘Guava’. I sponged the guava over the pink grapefruit and then randomly streaked nail foil glue over it to stick down some ‘holographic silver’ foil. my boyfriend didn’t think it was bright enough though! Booo!

OMD2 Bright