Spider Swap…

So more than a few weeks back, myself and Dani from Stormysway decided to do a mani swap. Unfortunately she’s had a crappy time, and even though she said she was ‘back’ a fortnight ago she isn’t really ‘back’ so I am a little concerned. I thought it might be nice to post my re-creation of her super awesome spiders, to take any extra pressure that she might be feeling to reciprocate the swap or any feelings that she might have of letting me down.
I chose this one of hers because  I just love the ombre base. It was also around Halloween time when it was suggested so the spider design seemed like the obvious go to. I hope I’ve done it justice!


Party Spiders…

So this design isn’t spooky at all! I decided to go for a more family friendly, party look in contrast with some of the more gory stuff I’ve been painting. I bet arachnophobics could even wear this design right?…

I used my natural nail colour, flecked with gold and silver foil then stamped some spiders on them, finishing the design off with random dots and a top coat.


Spiders at the Disco…

So why do Halloween nails need to be doom and gloom? I’ve decided to go for a neon splodge decorated with spiders. The spiders are stamped (except my friend on the wall) from the plate I received in the ‘lucky bag‘ I purchased for $0.99. I actually quite like creepy crawlies so the fact it had snails, centipedes and spiders on it didn’t bother me, so I reckon it actually was a lucky bag for me.

Spider Friend
(Please excuse the colour of my fingers, I’m not quite sure what’s went wrong as I am not currently sun-burnt and the lack of clean up – rookie mistake.) I used to avoid stamping with black, due to the fact the polishes I own didn’t seem to pack the punch black should. So I decided to order Konad Black and boy has it changed my stamping life! I am no longer scared to stamp in black, look how vibrant and bold and punchy those spiders are! For the sake of being fair, in-case you think I’m talking out my bottom, I did a little comparison test… The results speak for themselves really! What black polish do you use to stamp with?


Halloween Wheel 2015…

So here’s my Halloween Nail Art ideas for this year! I hand painted every nail, except from the red centipedes and black spiders which were stamped. My personal faves are probably the melted ice-cream looking ghost, and I’m pretty proud of that pumpkin too. The one I’m most disappointed with is the ‘toffee apple’, who knows what it looks like without being told! What’s your faves from my wheel?


A bugs life…

So some folk don’t like bugs, I love them! I’ve even kept snails and stick-insects as pets in the past. I do however think they are appropriate for the Halloween season, they’re not called creepy crawlies for nothing. My favourite from this mani has to be the fly, I think its cute!

A bugs Life