Smile, it’s almost Halloween…

So these smiling skulls definitely resemble a certain skellington to me? Also with the colour combo I’ve chosen it seems to have turned out more Chirstmas than nightmare. Oh well!

This image is yet again from BornPrettyStore plate BP-L057 (reviewed here)

Nightmare before Christmas Nail Art


BornPrettyStore: Halloween Stamping Plate BP-L057

So just in time for Halloween this rectangle stamping plate has lots of spooky (and not so spooky) images to use. It was sent to me by BornPrettyStore and even though you wouldn’t receive it in time for Halloween this year it is half price at the moment.

Halloween Square Plate BP-L057.jpg

Fortunately it isn’t a one trick pony, it’s not all witches and pumpkins. I feel it has a nice balance of themed vs normal images. The obvious example of ‘usable’ images would be the skulls as they’re not soley related to Halloween. (I also include the spider webs, cats and bats within this category.)

Skulls were the first image I chose to stamp. I used my BornPrettyStore stamping polish and clear mallow stamping head and as you can see they came out pretty crisp! The plate didn’t need much prepping, I think this was actually only the second or third scrape before it picked up this strongly. Not bad huh?

BP-L057  Square Plate Silver Skulls.jpg

I also used a second skull image to demonstrate that it’s easy enough to isolate a single element and use that. This one is a little patchy but that could be due to a few reasons; not enough polish, not prepped enough, clumsy scraping. To be honest though I think it kind of adds to the whole effect! (I love the fact he’s already missing a few teeth.)

BP-L057 Square Plate Skull.JPG

And ta-da, the design as a whole! Not so Halloweeny right?

BP-L057 Skull Stamping Design

So now let’s actually get on to what the plate was designed for – Halloween! I chose another ‘stamp and go’ image, this time some skeleton cats. Some of them picked up better than others, again maybe the plate needed more prepping or I needed to use more polish.

BP-L057 Skeleton Cats

I thought it was quite a playful image (I can’t have anything too spooky on my nails as I work with children) so felt that a neon ombre would be a twist on tradition too. What do you think?

BP-L057 Neon Cats Design.JPG

Over the next week I’ll be using this plate again to bring you some more Halloween nails! If you order anything from BornPrettyStore, use my code ‘AZYW10’ at the checkout to save yourself 10% off all full priced items and remember free shipping. This plate is already half price, so go for it!


Dinosaur Dig…

So this is the design that I don’t want to take off! It took a fair while, but I think it was worth it as in my opinion it turned out well. This was in response to day 23 of Froekenfilt’s Dinovember ‘Skulls and Bones’.


I created it by layering up UV gel polish, I’ve seen narmai do it loads so knew that in theory is should work. I started with the dino skull and bones, which was just one thick layer of polish which I then cured and painted regular polish on top.

1 Layer Gel Skull.JPG

For the dirt I used three coats of UV gel polish, curing each in between, and then painted some regular polish on top. When that was still tacky I took a dotting tool and messed it up a little to create more texture and show that the dirt was turned over.



Even though it feels pretty thick, I don’t actually mind keeping them on. As they’re smooth they don’t catch on anything and because it’s UV cured gel it’s staying on pretty well! Do you like this look or hate it?

Spooky Nail Transfers…

So these were out of a shop called ‘Wilko’. It’s a shop that sell everything, kinda cheaply but it’s still nice stuff. I’ve never noticed any of their own brand nail things before so was keen to try these out. They’re actually referred to as ‘Nail Transfers’ I’m not sure if that meant I should have expected them to be different from nail stickers? They certainly were thinner which had negatives and positives. Positives being that they stuck really well and didn’t curl or look raised on the surface of the nail varnish. Negatives being that I kept tearing them, so many bugs lost their legs and skulls were split in half! You got two sheets in a pack for £1 so it was good value. The second sheet included some characterized pumpkins, spiders and ghosts. Which might end up on my mums nails…

(P.S I’m only showing my pinky and middle finger as I put some magnetic polish on the rest of my fingers but totally messed them up! I wanted to give the transfers a fair chance of being judged without being distracted by some awful painting on my part.)

Wilko Nail Transfers

Rocker Skull n’ Bones…

I’ve went all bad ass!

Easy Peasy – Here I’ve combined a magnetic polish with Andrea Fulerton Nail Stickers (Even more  bad ass – she’s calling them ‘Nail Tattoos’). I actually use her stuff quite a lot, they’re sticky stickers and don’t curl up when you apply a top coat.

Rocker Skull Nail Art