Dinosaur Dig…

So this is the design that I don’t want to take off! It took a fair while, but I think it was worth it as in my opinion it turned out well. This was in response to day 23 of Froekenfilt’s Dinovember ‘Skulls and Bones’.


I created it by layering up UV gel polish, I’ve seen narmai do it loads so knew that in theory is should work. I started with the dino skull and bones, which was just one thick layer of polish which I then cured and painted regular polish on top.

1 Layer Gel Skull.JPG

For the dirt I used three coats of UV gel polish, curing each in between, and then painted some regular polish on top. When that was still tacky I took a dotting tool and messed it up a little to create more texture and show that the dirt was turned over.



Even though it feels pretty thick, I don’t actually mind keeping them on. As they’re smooth they don’t catch on anything and because it’s UV cured gel it’s staying on pretty well! Do you like this look or hate it?