Ocean Depths…

So even though the whole ‘mermaid’/’seaside’ nail trend is (or was?) very much a thing, I think it has too much of a summer vibe for it to feel right at this time of year. Therefore instead of going all breezy and beachy, I went for moody and mysterious. I couldn’t tell if I’d made it too busy with silver everything on top of silver spray marble, however after wearing it for a few days I actually like how busy yet subtle it is. You don’t immediately notice the shell or the starfish; I like how this imitates the feeling of when you’re looking into an actual rock pool and even though you’re seeing everything, you’re not really noticing anything and it’s only until you start to relax and re-focus that you notice the crab hiding in the corner or the starfish slowly walking across the sand. Anyone else?

The ‘3D Ocean Decorations‘ are from BornPrettyStore , and they are currently (02/12/15) on sale at only $2.76! If you add anything else to your order which happens not to be on sale, you can use my code ‘AZYW10’ to get 10% off all your full priced items. Have you tried the ‘mermaid’ look yet?





So ModelsOwn are having another ‘1234thumbwar’ competition. Head on over to their Instagram or Facebook for more details. Here’s my first entry! Can you tell what part has inspired me? Correct, the rocks to the left of the picture.

CraggyRocks (2)

Houndstooth with Silver…

So I purchased some nail art supplies out of a shop called ‘Wilkos’ for £1 each – a set of nail wraps, french manicure tip guides and  ‘nail jewels’ – 4 little tubs of  very fine nail foil. I haven’t seen their nail products before so I was keen to try them. I’ve already used the tip guides for my green ombre on ombre, and they worked great, so today I decided to use the foils and wraps.

The wraps are definitely in the ‘thicker’ category, but not in the ‘too thick’ one – meaning they were able to bend round the nail and hug it, but not pliable enough to get rid of two tiny wrinkles. Still acceptable for £1!

The foil, this is where it gets confusing. The following points about it aren’t meant to be complaints, but they kind of sound like that, but I’m not sure if that means I am complaining about it because it wasn’t actually ‘bad’?…  The foil is super fine, I sometimes accidentally blew it away with my breathing or arm movements. It also stuck to everything without much coaxing, my tray and my fingers mainly. I used nail foil glue to make it stick to my nails and I did want the pieces of silver to be small and delicate… However with the foil glue being so sticky and the foil being so keen to attach itself to anything I ended up with big clumsy chunks. Nevermind! I still enjoyed working with it, and really like it?… Confused, I am.

Houndstooth with Silver Foil
Houndstooth with Silver Foil

OPI Sequin Lacquer Strips…

So it was my birthday yesterday, yaay happy birthday to me! I knew my dad was taking me out for lunch, so obviously didn’t want naked nails. But  when I got in on Wednesday night after work, I was too lazy tired to actually paint my nails so opted to try out another set of OPI real lacquer strips, this time ‘Sequins’. I’ve worn them twice before, but never this design. If you can’t be bothered reading my previous posts, I’ll do a little re-cap.

They apply really well – flexible, sticky but not too sticky that you can’t correct them if you place it wrong, easy to file the ends off, easy to cut to size if the pre-shaped sizes don’t fit. They come off easily with nail varnish remover. But! They do stink! Like even worse than some of my nail polishes. Be warned!

OPI Sequins

Second Attempt…

So I think this came out a lot better than my first attempt. It’s such a fun technique, seeing the polish freak out after you spray it and just seeing what kind of patterns appear. I love it! I’ve also been informed that it’s called ‘Water Spotting’ which sounds way better.

Studded Black and Silver Spray Marble

OMD2 – Day 7 Holographic…

So I didn’t think I’d be able to participate for this theme as I don’t own a holographic polish. I do however have ‘holographic’ foil. So ta da!

I reckon this will be my last entry for the OMD2 Challenge, boo, but I’ve super enjoyed it so thanks BrijitJacquiJemma and Lindsay.  I’ve enjoyed following the themes, it’s forced me (in a good way) to use colours I don’t like or try themes I never would have normally. It’s certainly going to be weird going back to normal. I found some fantastic new blogs to follow, and I’m sure other people have found my blog through this challenge too. It’s been so interesting to see everyone’s designs for the same theme – so varied and creative it’s really amazing. So I think it’s been super and I look forward to another challenge in the future maybe?… Sorry if that’s been too gushy but it’s been the first nail art challenge I’ve participated in (other than personally set ones) and I’ve really, genuinely enjoyed it. Completing 24 out of 31 days wasn’t bad going!

OMD2 Holographic

Wedding Rose Nails…

So I attended my cousins wedding reception at the weekend. I went to the hassle of making my own fascinator and necklace (as if I could really call it ‘hassle’ – I love crafting things!) I decided doves and roses were pretty wedding related! As well as pearls and gems added in for extra bling.

The Fascinator – I bought the dove picks, the pearl picks, feathers, paper roses, the actual fascinator base, etc from HobbyCraft. But I arranged it and put it together myself! It also took a lot of glue and some felting wool for padding out the back so you couldn’t see the pick sticks poking through. And a lot of patience because everything got a bit gluey/sticky and bits of feather ended up everywhere as they were too wild and long to begin with. Aren’t the doves so cute!

The Necklace – I made every single rose (bar two – my mum made the huge one, and my brother made one as he wanted to try it out), meaning I personally hand-made 70 roses. It was honestly so time consuming. They are made from various colours/blends of fimo clay as I love working with it because it doesn’t really dry out in your hands or set until you bake it. I glue-gunned them onto a piece of felt, added another dove and some pearls/gems to link in with my fascinator and then added the chain. I am most certainly going to wear it again, I think it’s pretty.

The Nails – So yet again, to link in with my theme I decided roses and gems. I’ve not really one for painting flowers on my nails, and I’ve never painted this style of rose before. I’m not 100% sure what I make of them. Too messy, too much? The jury is still out.

Myself – I always feel a bit embarrassed posting photos of myself, which is why I’ve only done it maybe twice… But I wanted to show you the whole thing. I was wearing a black, lace dress. I don’t actually wear any face make-up ever, like foundation or anything as I find it kinda ikky, but I do like wearing eye make-up. I added gems, you guessed it, to link them in with my theme!

Glitter Daggers…

So I don’t even know what that title means but I like the word ‘Dagger’. I purchased a new glitter polish from ‘Body Care’ for 99p. It has silver and black glitter so I didn’t know what base to put it on as it probably would have went on anything. What  did I chose, silver – boring. It also means you can’t see the silver glitter very well sorry for being silly!

Daggered Glitter

Christmas Space Nails…

So I liked this design on my nail wheel, but I don’t like it as a whole hand design! Too busy or something, I’m not sure. Or maybe it’s the matte black that’s making it look weird. It certainly reminded me more of space rather than Christmas!

Spacey Christmas Nails

Zip it!…

So this was my first time stamping ever. I had never been brave enough to pay a proper amount for a set in-case I didn’t like it, but guess where I found one – Poundland! The plate itself isn’t very impressive, I only liked a few of the designs but thought ‘Hey for £1 it’s worth a shot’. And it was. They didn’t come out that great probably because I’m unpracticed and the set wasn’t of great quality (They say a poor workman blames his tools though…). The zips looked a bit boring on the black, so I blinged it up with glitter! Yaaay! Nail Stamping was fun though, I enjoyed it – it’s not particularly messy and it’s easy to do. So I may invest in a proper set. I’ve heard good things about Moyou and Konad?…

Zip it! Nail Art