So I’ve already painted some sNail Art here, but never like this. I thought it would be super cute to use the teeny tiny shells I picked up from South Queensferry beach and use them as the snail’s shell for a 3D, impractical nail art design – and I think it worked! I don’t know what it is about snails but I seriously like them, any one else?





Marlin Fishing…

So these images are from a large, rectangular stamping plate I bought waaaay back in August last year, and this is the first time I’ve decided to use it. How crazy is that?! (Or rather disgusting, I mean surely that’s a sign that I have far too many nail art items but…)

I used loose glitter to create the blue/silver ombre: I regretted that decision after only the first nail as there was immediately glitter everywhere. For the images I used the reverse stamping technique with my clear, squishy stamper.


BornPrettyStore: Real Shell Decoration…

So today’s post includes a review of some ‘Real Shell Decoration‘* from BornPrettyStore.

At first I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a sticker of a shell or the actual real deal from the sites product description. I can tell you what turned up was definitely the real thing. It’s been shaved super thin and then applied to an adhesive backing. Look at those beautiful colours!

I definitely recommend used a (sharp) craft knife to cut the shell. Scissors just seemed to splinter it and crush it in to tiny pieces, they were also too clumsy for maneuvering correctly. Cutting the shell with a craft knife help to keep it mostly intact as it was a smoother motion, if there was any slight breakage the adhesive backing helped hold the shell together anyway.

The self-adhesiveness is great, as I’m not sure what I’d attach the pieces with. Once applied they do have a slightly rough looking edge, so I decided to hide this with some striping tape. I was worried the shell would stick up and catch horribly on everything but actually it’s pretty flush to my nail, I think the two coats of Seche Vite helped smooth it off.

I did notice BPS suggests the shell to be used in acrylic nails, and I can understand why. I think it would maybe have more potential as it could be layered in to the acrylic and would be completely flat and be used with more 3D elements. But I tried my best, I think it’s got quite a classy feel.

I absolutely love how the shell has loads of different patterns, it’s so beautiful and irridescent! It makes each nail way more interesting, so which is your favourite? I think mines is the index finger.

I enjoyed using the shell that much, I wanted to use it again in a different style. This time I went for triangles on a light base and it gives off quite a sci-fi feel don’t you think. Like a shifting cloud storm on an alien plant or something.

Again just look at those colours – greens, blues, silvers, purples, browns – beautiful! Which look did you prefer?

The shell comes in nine different colour options (amazing right?!), the one I have been using is option #4. If you fancy ordering this product or anything else from BornPrettyStore, use my code ‘AZYW10’ to get 10% all full priced items upon checking out, and remember free delivery!


She Sells Sea Shells…

So do you ever get one of those designs where you think ‘if only hadn’t put that other shell on, or positioned it in a slightly different way’… This is exactly one of those design, the long trumpet shell on my middle finger is just wrong and it’s bugging me.

I created a sponged base, then reverse stamped the shells, added individual specks of gold glitter using my thin brush and viola! And I really do love the design over all, I think it’s really pretty and I keep looking at it, but that trumpet shell….