Old MacDonald…

So way back in June I went to the Royal Highland Show and painted my nails to match the event. However there weren’t any pigs at it – whoops! It was a really great day (if you happen to follow me on Instagram you would have been spammed with loads of pictures from it sorry/not sorry), as it was a real treat getting to see such beautiful and magnificent animals up close.

Farm Animal Nail Art

No more counting sheep…

So we just got a new bed and it is bliss… Before I would honestly lie awake for ages because I was so uncomfortable in it. To let you understand we moved in to our house two years ago and the bed came from my boyfriends – it was totally in his ‘shape’ which meant he had a tendency to gravitate towards the middle dip in the bed leaving me to teeter on the edge, not to mention it was also 11 years old, ew. I managed to moan about it so much he got tired of it persuade him in to buying a new one, and it’s amazing. No more counting sheep for me!

Own up guys, how old are all your beds?

Sleepy Sheepy Nail Art
I really like my smooshy, dream cloud base that I created for them so photographed that too. I used 6 different polishes – 2 pinks, 2 purples, 1 pearlescent topper and a glitter topper. Phew…