Shattered Glass…

So the ‘shattered glass’ trend is now pretty old but I had still to try it – until today! I bought some of the shattered glass foil (?) way back in October from BornPrettyStore, they’ve called it shiny laser foils and I chose pattern #2.

Shiny laser foil does sound pretty awesome and oh my gosh IT’S SO COOL LOOKING! I decided to go for the literal shattered glass look, by sizing up my nails and cutting shards to fit. I applied some nail foil glue then arranged them on my nails using tweezers, I found it too tricky to do with my fingers. I then top coated them twice with Seche Vite and ta da!
Look how it changes in the light! I think it’s so amazing that there’s nothing and then BAM look at all those wonderful colours. I genuinely believe they’re going to be a major distraction at work today for not only myself but also others.