Nude Roppongi Glam…

So I tried Scratch’s ‘Roppongi Glam’  Nail Wraps originally way back in January, and then again in Febrary. The packaging said to use them within the month but after using them twice I still had 3 wraps left over which I just didn’t throw out. And guess what! I’ve used them for this, and they’re still fine! Yeah, maybe a little more thicker feeling, but still sticky and pliable on the nail and that’s like 7 or 8 months later. The three I had left were two of normal size and a massive thumb one, which I cut up to create the horizontal stripes. Pretty nifty huh? I decided to try tone this one down a bit seeing as I’d went a bit glitzy with the others.
I’d love to buy from Scratch again.

Nude Roppongi Glam

Scratch Roppongi Glam Glitter…

So I couldn’t stay away from using these again for long. This time I tried to go for a different look – the picture doesn’t do the glitter any justice and it all looks a bit weird. But in the flesh, it honestly doesn’t look so strange. I just love love love how versatile these are, I wish I’d bought a few packets! I’ve still got some left, so stay tuned (hope yous aren’t bored of seeing them!).

Roppongi Glam Glitter

Scratch ROPPONGI Glam…

So when I saw a Scratch nail wrap review over on ‘Lifes Glitz Pagent‘, I just had to try them out. They were a company that was new to myself, and the concept of an actual nail wrap made of nail varnish was (then) unknown to me too. Their designs were cute and funky and even though quite expensive for my usual budget, I thought ‘Why not!’ (Left-over Christmas money ae…). I chose two designs, ‘ROPPONGI Glam’ and ‘HARAJUKU Kawaii’, mainly because I couldn’t re-create those designs myself and also because I love Britney Tokyo designs. They’re ones that you look at and go, ‘How over the top and impractical, and I could never do that or wear them, but they’re still awesome!’ kind of thing. With them being so expensive, I wanted to wait for an occassion. So at the weekend I was taken out for dinner in Glasgow which was a perfect excuse to whack them on!

Scratch Roppongi Glam

They were really thin and pliable which allowed them to hug my nail, and they stuck really well – sort of blending into my base colour. I found that heating them up between my fingers first help them become like this, as the first one I applied sort of cracked a bit. They don’t feel as ‘heavy’ as other nail wraps – like I’m not conscious of them being there and they just feel like thick nail varnish. You get plenty in a set and once open you have 1 month to use them before they dry out, meaning you can use them on (almost) every nail like myself, or use them as accent nails resulting in more wears for your money. They have a clear background, meaning you can customize the look even further – I used a saran wrapped silver on-top of a Barry M ‘Guava’ base and then added half pearls and gems. They had a lovely glossy finish, and have stayed on until now without any damage.

Over-all – I’m super impressed! I’d certainly recommend giving them a go if you have the spare cash or just want a treat!