Swirly Foils…

So I occasionally craft cards with my mum, just for fun really to give to family members at birthdays etc. However we do have quite a major stash of stuff. When I saw some ‘peel-offs’ I thought they’d do as make shift nail vinyls, they seem to be all the rage just now (or maybe it’s just because I’m following some makers of them on instagram haha!). I foiled my nails first, then place the peel-off on my nail, painted over the top and then removed it. Ta da!
They worked so so, possibly they were too thick and not sticky enough to prevent seeping as I had to do a little bit of clean up here and there where I’d lost some lines. But these were for cards, not for nails so.

Foiled Swirls
Foiled Swirls

Interstellar Sparkle…

So I’ve been missing my ‘regular’ blog post days because I’ve been busy, sorry. I blame it on the time of year, anyone else? A terrible craving came over me, I needed to foil and I needed to use bling. Therefore this design wasn’t really planned out, and as soon as it was finished all I could think about was how it felt a bit interstellar with the silver streaks and dark blue sky.

Interstellar Sparkle

OMD2 – Day 7 Holographic…

So I didn’t think I’d be able to participate for this theme as I don’t own a holographic polish. I do however have ‘holographic’ foil. So ta da!

I reckon this will be my last entry for the OMD2 Challenge, boo, but I’ve super enjoyed it so thanks BrijitJacquiJemma and Lindsay.  I’ve enjoyed following the themes, it’s forced me (in a good way) to use colours I don’t like or try themes I never would have normally. It’s certainly going to be weird going back to normal. I found some fantastic new blogs to follow, and I’m sure other people have found my blog through this challenge too. It’s been so interesting to see everyone’s designs for the same theme – so varied and creative it’s really amazing. So I think it’s been super and I look forward to another challenge in the future maybe?… Sorry if that’s been too gushy but it’s been the first nail art challenge I’ve participated in (other than personally set ones) and I’ve really, genuinely enjoyed it. Completing 24 out of 31 days wasn’t bad going!

OMD2 Holographic

OMD2 – Day 4 Bright…

So I stayed away from neons this time after my disastrous first attempt. I used two of my favourite polishes a passed limited edition 17 polish ‘Pink Grapefruit’ and a Barry M in ‘Guava’. I sponged the guava over the pink grapefruit and then randomly streaked nail foil glue over it to stick down some ‘holographic silver’ foil. my boyfriend didn’t think it was bright enough though! Booo!

OMD2 Bright

Iridescent Cross…

So I couldn’t really be bothered painting today, so I decided to opt for some foils and rhinestones. This was one of these designs that was super hard to capture in a photo. The foil looks like spilled petrol, it’s really nice, but  as you can see it came out more like a bland silver. How great sounding is ‘iridescent’ ae!

Iridescent Cross Nail Art

Wonderfoil Wolf…

So around two years ago I received a Rio nail foil kit and some Rio nail art pens for Christmas. These started my addiction to nail painting. I used to foil my nails quite a lot, it was pretty therapeutic and it didn’t require much concentration. But it seemed to go out of fashion, so the foil kit was shoved to the back of my wardrobe. The ‘pens’ were pretty tricky to use, they were described as being ‘nibbed’ meaning they had a tiny, thin tube where the polish came out resulting in poor consistency and control – they were binned after a year or so as they split and I found out I could use fine brushes/dotting tools.

Recently though I have noticed foils coming back in, not in the traditional way I used to wear them but as a mashed up, patchy look! It might have something to do with Ciate having a kit available. I checked it out at my TK Maxx, at £10 it seemed like a good buy for Ciate stuff but I already had a kit! Admittedly my foils weren’t as sparkly, colourful or unusual as the Ciate arrangement but I made do.

My verdict, I can’t decide if I like the look. Maybe with a different base polish or more colourful/contrasting foils it could have looked better. But to me this attempt just looks like it’s all chipped! Opinions?

Foil Nail Art