Festive Stag…

So today I was out for a scrumptious lunch at a local restaurant called ‘Canada Wood Kitchen‘. It’s not large at all, maybe only 10 tables, but it’s cozy and homely and the menu is always fantastic. It’s also in the middle of no where so the view is lovely! It seems to be one of those places that people only find out about by word of mouth, I think that’s quite cool as it almost suits it’s ‘vibe’.

Anyway! I was wearing a christmas jumper consisting of a furry reindeer  with a belled harness, and I have to admit that I love noisy clothes! I mean really, at what other time of the year is it acceptable to wear clothes with bells on them.(I hope we’re all in agreement that it is okay to wear bells the now though?…) So I painted my nails to match of course!

Stag Nail Art.JPG