(Evolved) Birds in a Cage…

So I’ve been looking back at some of my old posts, and decided it would be quite a nice to recreate some of them. Today’s re-creation comes from 4 years ago (how crazy is that!) called ‘Birds in a Cage’.

Birds in a Brown Cage
Birds in a cage nail art
Fortunately my camera is better, as the photo is in focus and 3 out of my 4 nails are longer. However in terms of actual nail art, I can’t see much of an improvement – how embarrassing is that! I also don’t know if I’ve over cluttered the design; the original was so cute and simple but now I feel as if I’ve added too much extra detail.

Birds in a Brown Cage 2
I was really unsettled about how I’d recreated it as I thought I’d taken it too far, so much so I painted it again! This time more true to the original with the black cage. So what do you guys think – original, re-creation, re-created re-creation?

Birds in a Cage

Maybe this whole ‘flashback’ post idea isn’t a good one!…