Abstract Art…

So I’ve seen a lot of random/abstract nail art lately on Instagram (e.g among others, ‘Ninanailedit‘ does the style quite often) and thought I’d give it a go. It was simultaneously freeing but a bit stressful , let me explain.

It was great to just do a blob here, a few spots there, add a line and then voilà. It was quick, in my opinion it looks quite cool and it wasn’t messy. There was no pressure to be ‘perfect’. Done.

But! It was knowing when to stop and also not getting too OCD about it. Is that enough spots? Do the lines have to all point in the same direction? Was that the right colour combination? And so on.

I’d definitely do it again as it was quite fun and I’d recommend for everyone to give it a go!

Random Abstract Nail Art

Summer Randoms…

So I kind of wish I’d done the base coat as white, I think it would have made them stand out a lot more. And all those black looking speckles are actually a glitter coat which is obviously glittery in reality. (Why is glitter so hard to photograph!) I like the little cut-out hears, the polka dots and even the stripes. But the ring finger?… Yurk.  Opinions please? (I suppose these are kind of inspired by the nails I painted for Charlotte a few posts ago!)

Summer Randomness Nail Art

Fun and French Tip…

So my two friends wanted their nails done (they’re twins!). Charlotte had seen a design she liked where every nail had alternating colours and different designs. She determined what was going to be on each nail so it was nice to just paint them without thinking too much. I think it’s quite a fun looking design and in-keeping with current fashions.

Random Nail Art
Catherine requested a French tip. Now I’ve never done a french tip, usually because I’m always doing something nail ‘arty’ so I was pretty nervous. She’d done well to grow her nails long, but by sods law had broken her index finger the day before so I didn’t quite know what to do when it came to that one. I was pleased with the result – if you looked closely enough you could see some wobbles but sshhh and upon reflection of the photo, I wish I’d filed her nails to more even shapes.

French Tip Nail Art
They also had fun choosing a hand pose. My mum does an ‘over-lap’, Charlotte quite likes her ‘octopus’, and Catherine has never had her nails done by me before so went for ‘lobster claw’. Does anyone else have a favourite pose? I used to do ‘claw fingers’ before changing to ‘paw hand’.