Homemade Mix and…. Mice?…

So I recently attended a job interview where my ‘twist’ to the usually mundane interview outfit was some funky,coral orange pumps. I also thought it would be a nice idea to match my nails for a bigger punch in the face of colour. Unfortunately, out of all the polishes I have I couldn’t find a colour to match – they were either too red or too orange. Since it was super important that the shade truly did match, I decided to mash two polishes together to get the perfect blend and actually what a gorgeous colour it was!

Handmade Mix Coral
Coral Polish Mix

After returning home from the interview, I’d had enough of plain nails. I’m sorry, but they are just SO boring. With it being spring/Easter I thought I’d go for rabbits, but they turned out more like mice… Embarrassingly enough I feel like these could have been painted by my younger self, years ago whilst in my first year of nail artistry with crude tools and an unsteady hand. They are a major flop – messy and out of control. I mean look at the poor things whiskers, they’re everywhere! Those poor bunnies what was I thinking…

Rabbit Nail Art


Easter Bunny…

So here’s my second (and final) Easter design! I couldn’t resist painting a rabbit as I’ve seen so many on other peoples nails. We’ve always celebrated Easter but not in a religious way – I’m afraid it was about the chocolate, the Easter egg hunt, painting eggs and rolling them down a hill sort of thing.

(P.S I also recently read up about the Pagan roots of Easter too, it was very interesting so if you don’t already know about it I recommend you give it a read – if it’s not against your beleives, etc.)

Easter Bunny Nail Art
Easter Bunny Nail Art