Princess Mononoke…

So I painted these a couple of weeks ago now and just never got round to posting them. One of our ‘local’ independent cinemas (The Cameo, in Edinburgh) shows vintage films on a Sunday and it just so happens that it’s Studio Ghibli month. So when I found out Princess Mononoke was showing I had to go. It’s probably my favourite Ghibli film, I mean I even dressed up as San for Halloween once and it was subbed not dubbed – bonus. Don’t get me wrong, I’m some sort of elitist about subbed vs dubbed it’s just that after hearing it in Japanese so many times that’s their voices now and anything else would just sound weird.

Princess Mononoke Nail Art

P.S. Here’s me dressed up as San, and my partner as Ashitaka of course. (Way back in 2012 might I add!)

Ashitaka and San Costume

A Felt First…

So I actually completed these ages ago, but they were surprise gifts for some friends who I had yet to see so couldn’t put them online until now. They were ‘trials’ of a technique that I’ve never used before, as I’ve only ever needle-felted. It involves nothing more than cutting shapes out and stitching/gluing them on to each other, not tricky but different to me. I think they turned out okay though with only a few blips. I realised by cutting the felt you end up with this sort of felt dust that was really noticing on contrasting colours, so I had to use pieces of cello-tape to clean up. I also found out the thickness of felt I’m using (quite thin) means I can’t really achieve ‘sharp’ corners without them turning fluffy at the ends. As you can see on Jake’s muzzle (the yellow one) I have a weird fold where I sort of fell of his eye but had to keep stitching anyway. But hey, it’s a learning process!

All the nerds out there will know exactly who they are, but just in case you aren’t sure on the top left felt hoop we have ‘No Face’ from ‘Sprited Away’ and the right is ‘San’ from ‘Princess Mononoke’, both Studio Ghibli films. On the bottom left felt hoop we have; ‘Finn the Human’ and the right is ‘Jake the Dog’ from ‘Adventure Time’.

No Face, Princess Mononoke, Finn the Human and Jake the Dog Felt Hoops
No Face, Princess Mononoke, Finn the Human and Jake the Dog Felt Hoops


I dressed up as Princess Mononoke (San) for Halloween last year, my boyfriend went as Ashitaka. How geeky ae! They are characters from a Studio Ghibli Film, for those of you who have never seen it.
So I had the urge to paint some Kodama on my nails – the creepy little forest sprites. I messed up my index finger, hence the strange crop…

Here’s our costumes!