Rose Garden…

So I have quite a stash of nail wraps and felt in the mood to do something with them. I liked a £1 set from Primark but I wasn’t in a Black colour mood. (Anyone else take colour moods?) I thought it would be quite cool to cut round the roses and put them onto a colour a was diggin’ that day – a lovely, intense blue glitter from Barry M. The photo does not show how endless it is, or how glossy it is!

Glitter Rose Garden

These are the nail wraps before I butchered them, a bit too dull looking for how I was feeling that day. So what do you guys think was it worth the effort, or  did I just waste some nail wraps?

Rose Nail Wraps


Nail Wrap Mash Up…

So for some reason I keep all the off cuts and extra nail wraps that don’t fit, instead of just throwing them out. I mean, I suppose subconsciously I keep them in-case I want to wear one as an accent nail, seeing as there’s never enough left for another set. So today I decided to put them to another use by cutting them into shapes and sticking them all together! Hooray. It was a little bit faffy, but they turned out okay! These are all from Primark, so really cheap and don’t really stay on for that long but look okay.

Nail Wrap Mash up

Primark Nail Wraps – Aztec…

In Primark for £1 are a variety of nail wraps. They were easy to apply, but hardly lasted the night. Because they were easy to apply, being quite thin and flexible, they were also easily damaged even my nail file was a little too harsh for them. Maybe I just do too much with my hands, but for £1 they were a quick fix for naked nails. I would probably buy them again – and I actually have more in different designs which you will no doubt see.
Apologies for the terrible phone photo – I was on the go. I had to adjust the contrast to get the full effect of how foily and bright they were since the photo was so dull.

Primark Nail Wraps…

These are some nail wraps I bought in Primark for… £1! They applied quite well: they were stretchy enough so as not to get wrinkles but this made them prone to the excess kind of snapping off, rather than having to nail file it off. The design isn’t bad either! Sometimes the cheaper one can be a bit naff.