Goldfish Pond…

So I wasn’t in the mood for painting anything free-hand today so I cracked out my stamping folder and chose a pond themed plate by hehe. I have a few ‘ponds’ in my garden, just little container ones with plants only but they still attract plenty of wildlife! Last year I actually had a Dragonfly visit, I have no idea where it came from originally because there’s not any large bodies of water nearby.

To create this look I first of all stamped a water movement image in lighter blue on to my base colour, and it is pretty subtle so don’t worry if you didn’t spot it. I then tried to turn the fish into calico koi by splodging together orange, white and black polishes before scraping the excess off the image. The design was still looking a little plain so I then painted some water lilly pads and viola!



Lily Pond Flop…

So this is another one from the ‘fail’ folder. The photography is horrendous and my design just didn’t work out. I’d love to do this one again, as I think it had potential – I reckon I just got it wrong with the lily colour combination and the fact I’ve manage to smudge my top coat.  Yuck.

Lilly Pond Nail Art