Pokemon Theme: Dratini Set…

So apologies for my week of absence, I had a spontaneous holiday (a last minute deal for an all inclusive week in Majorca – who could resist?) and therefore didn’t have time to schedule any nail art.

Dragonite annoys me to no ends, he’s my least favourite pokemon for several reasons.
1) It looks like a fat charizard. I mean they’re both the same colours and mostly the same shape.
2) Dratini and Dragonair are blue, elegant and cute so how on earth do they eventually evolve in to that fat, orange Charizard imposter.
3) What happens to the gems that have been evolving; dratini starts off with one on his head, dragonair develops two on his tail and one under his chin and then dragonite… none, where do they go?
4) Just no. I just don’t see it, it doesn’t make sense, something went wrong. It could have looked so much cooler, keeping with the serpentine body and blueish hues it could have looked great but no.

Is anyone else with me on this? Or do I just sound a little crazy now…

147 148 149 Dratini Dragonair Dragonite.png


Pokemon Theme: Articuno…

So the legendary birds from the original series form a trio, and it actually explains this in their names; articuno (1), Zapdos (2), Moltres (3). How cool is that?

I wasn’t too impressed with how Articuno turned out, I wish I could have conveyed more of it’s natural grace and beauty. Instead I’ve got a sort of pudgy pigeon who can’t wait to fly off the nail…
144 Articuno

Pokemon Theme: Omanyte and Omastar

So I think Omanyte is so adorable, it’s just a shame that it evolves into a hellish looking creature that will haunt your dreams. Omastar does not seem like the kind of thing you’d want to meet either a) in the sea or b) at night, actually can we just go with option c) at all.

Being created from a fossil, I thought it would be cool to include some in the background so I used some shell water decals. I think it works!


Pokemon Theme: Ditto…

So I had a few ideas for ditto, such as having him transformed mimicking other pokemon the only tell tale sign being the beady eyes. But then I thought it might be quite fun to make him in to a repeating pattern, and I think it turned out quite well! It’s a totally wearable design, right?

132 Ditto.JPG

Pokemon Theme: Magikarp and Gyarados…

So I’m actually a big fan of Magikarp. Not because he evolves in to super powerful Gyarados, but just because he’s a fish Pokemon! And he’s sorta cute too yeah?


Pokemon Theme: Pinsir…

So this guy featured heavily in my pokemon card deck when I was younger. As in I had four Pinsir cards, which was the maximum of any one card you can have in a deck, and a whole heap load of grass energy to support his moves. There were obviously other cards and I can’t really remember if it was a particularly effective deck, but I still fondly remember Pinsir.

127 Pinsir

Pokemon Theme: Magmar…

So unfortunately all I can ever see when I look at magmar is a duck on fire, but I did wonder if that’s how it somehow got it’s name – magma+mallard? Who knows, it’s a silly looking pokemon anyway.

126 Magmar

Pokemon Theme: 115 Kangaskhan…

So if you’re all like ‘hey wait a minute, that looks nothing like Kangaskhan!’, then you’ve obviously not seen the Mega EX trading card for it. That is where I took my inspiration from. I decided to go against all the purple lightening etc because I just cannot paint such small detail, and I’m afraid the writing is just vaguely copied so I do apologise if I’ve now accidentally swore at you or something.

115 Kangaskhan

Pokemon Theme: Krabby and Kingler…

So I’m almost at 100, how exciting! Deciding on Krabby and Kinglers nail design was so easy – of course I had to feature their differing claw sizes! I’m happy with how these turned out, not looking forward to the next pair though….

#98 Krabby #99 Kinlger Nail Art
#98 Krabby #99 Kinlger Nail Art

Pokemon Theme: Farfetch’d…

So maybe I have a sick sense of humour but this nail design tickled me a bit. According to Bulbapedia – ” Farfetch’d makes a delicious meal, especially when cooked with leek”. And since it’s a wild duck Pokemon, I of course painted it like a cooked duck! Head on and all like the ones you see hanging in the Chinese Restaurants. I’m still only using nail polish for my designs, I haven’t yet got any paints to use. I think it’ll be interesting to see how acrylics work differently from polish and if I can achieve neater, more detailed work.
(Sorry if my Farfetch’d has offended some people, I know people can get a bit disgusted by cooked ducks but remember it’s just some nail art!)

Farfetch'd Nail Art